Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gimme Gimme Gimme

I'm in sunny lanzarote but the internet allows magic posts! Since booking my holiday I have tried to be a tad more sensible about clothes buying. I have therefore left lots of items I would normally buy, in my wishlists. I thought I'd share some of the things I'm currently resisting (I hope they haven't all sold out before this post goes live!).
I have LOADS in my Asos wishlist at the moment (I only had about 3 things a few months ago!) but it seems like everything is quite pricey nowadays so I'm not finding it too hard to resist!
I have sort of fallen in love with this combo (I wish it was a dress, it would be cheaper!) it's so lady-like and the colours are delicious!
Such a pretty dress!
Finding a couple of excellent pairs of jeans recently has made me resist these red acid wash high-waisted jeans, but my goodness I want them VERY MUCH!
I have an Anna Scholz Cowl neck dress, and I think it is one of the most flattering dresses I own. I think this black dress (very similar in cut) will look good on pretty much anyone, and it's much cheaper than her normal dresses. I'd like this to be my go-to little black dress, but I already have at least 5 LBD's!
This doesn't really fit in with my other choices does it? I'm trying to find the words to explain what it is I like about the Taking shape Grace Dress.... grace might be a good enough word actually! Some of my favourite films as a child were My Fair Lady, Gigi, Somewhere in Time and The Slipper and the Rose - My idea of a beautiful woman is still linked to Jane Seymour and Gemma Craven. I wanted to look like them and dress like I was in a musical (I still do sometimes, like in this post!)so I'm still drawn to dresses that look like something from a period drama. I took one look at this dress and felt like it was a romantic and demure, so I love it.... if I could just get my hair like Jane Seymour in that damn picture! I digress....
... back to the goods, bright and beautiful dress from George!
A boohoo jumpsuit that almost made me break my 'you've got quite enough jumpsuits' spending rule!
While we're on the subject, how perfect is this Very So Fabulous jumpsuit?!
I very nearly ordered this New Look Inspire top for my holiday, but I couldn't justify the price when I have some many other things to wear as cover ups!
I'm finding myself visiting the Simply be website less and less recently, almost entirely because I don't want to trawl through all the Koko / Lovedrobe / AX Paris stuff they have on there these days (that stuffs okay, but badly sized and cheaply made for the price & it's normally too short for me!). I love this Simply Be fringed dress though, I saw it a while back and I still think about it sometimes!
Obviously I love this duster jacket, but you'll have seen this on all the bloggers who reviewed the Look collection already!
I rarely look at Evans, but the Scarlett and Joe range really seems to have came into it's own.... less power dresses, more floral floaty tea dresses! I loved the last version of this dress (and it really seemed to look fabulous on every one I saw wearing it) but this version with red poppys really is a stunner. Want it!
While we're on the subject, my sister really wanted one of the Scarlett and Jo midi tea dresses, and they have just got this new version in. She would look amazing in it!
Last but not least are these cute-as-a-button Ballerina earrings from Silvershake (my favourite place to get earrings that don't irritate my ears!), I've actually just ordered these because I love them, and they're hella cheap!

The next post on my blog should be a holiday one!

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  1. I wish I could go to one of these, but I'll be back at work and can't really take the time off after I've just had my hols! xx