Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Warming up

As the weather gets hotter I need soft and cool sheets and cool clothing, so lets start with the sheets. I have fallen in love with this set from George Home. I simply cannot believe that I managed to get such a soft and lovely King size duvet & pillowcase set in 200 thread count Egyptian cotton for £25! I couldn't bear to change our sheets without another set to go back on so I had to buy a second set. This time round I also got 2 of their fitted sheets to replace my bobbly ones. Love them, they're designed for deep mattresses so they'll fit pretty much any bed. Bargain! Well done George!
 When I ordered the sheets I also had to try this little fella. It's so cute and comfy. Non-stretch and super thin summery fabric. Basically perfect for hot weather!
 This is a 24 and it's mega generous in the top and tummy department - probably because you have to pull it on and there are no zips or buttons. This is the 24 and body-wise the 22 would have been a better fit, but my big calves meant that the legs would be way to tight in the 22 (they're pretty tight on my calves as it is! Basically if you have small legs and a big bust or belly then this would be a great jumpsuit for you.... it would fit a size 26 if you're calves aren't as big as mine (21 inches!).
 Ahh it's so comfy and summery!
I can sit in it very comfortably!
In my never-ending shopping spree recently I went to Primark to get new nets for my windows, and found a 4.5 tog duvet for £8 (half the price of the one I was planning to get from John Lewis!) so they went in my basket and then I wandered into the shoe department.....
MISTAKE! Oh lord I could have come out with more than this! Obviously I had to get the brogues. The 7's were too small for me so I got the 8's.... they're a bit loose but they'll be perfect with socks when it gets colder! The nude sandals are my favourite, they're perfect! I don't know why the red and black shoes fit me (they're not wide fit) but they seem to work because they shape themselves to your feet. The necklace is a winner, I love it!


  1. Regarding the awesome brogues (which I am going to try to buy tomorrow!) I thought you had a very similar River Island pair, also silver, but holographic... actually I owe to that pair of shoes to have discovered your blog! To see them on you sent me into a shopping frenzy, save that I could not find them in my size anymore and had to give up... I tried the identical black pair and it was terribly uncomfortable for me so not feeling too bad. I wonder where the wonderful holographic brogues have gone, though!

  2. I still have them, but sometimes the bright colors in them don't match my outfits so I thoguht a plain silver pair would come in handy! Shellys had some Holographic brogues too (I almost bought them because I'm greedy!) you can get in a size 7, but might be worth searching for them!

  3. Good to know they are going to reappear in your wardrobe weekly at some point! I had seen the Shelleys but I don't like the black trimming. I had found them from Monki too but I don't like the shape. Add that I am a size 8 and that is why I can never find the shoes I want! I have given up on holographic brogues, but I bought the Asos skater holographic ones (the blue meet purple insane ones) and I am happy. Still need to get those Primark silver brogues though: I went a week ago but they were, as usual, out of my size...

  4. I dunno which Asos ones you're describing, but they sound amazing!