Saturday, 8 March 2014

Simply sales

I really wanted to try the lovedrobe dress that I saw in the Simply Be catalogue I received recently, and I figured I'd try some of the dresses from the sale while I was at it....

 I find Lovedrobe sizing really odd and small, so I ordered this in a 26. I think the 24 would be better on me, although I feel sure I'd have to sew up the buttons to stop it gaping. I'm a bit sad about this one if I'm honest, because it's totally unlined, and the fabric is quite see-through. I guess the navy version would be less problematic, but I just liked the idea of having a light colour for summer....
 I had it in my head that the 'dip hem' referred to the fact that the hem is lower at the front and higher at the sides, but as you can see, it's actually a fair bit longer at the back. It's also shorter than I was expecting. I think I would consider ordering this in a smaller size if it goes on sale at any point, but I wouldn't pay £40 for it unless it came with lining or a slip!.
 I thought I'd try this because it is currently £13 and I've never seen a review! This is a 24 (could easily have worn the 22 fyi) and it's super soft, stretchy, the colours are lovely and it's actually a great bargain for the price. I just don't like the turtle neck on me! It's above the knee, but not super short.
I can think of so many people who would look cute in this dress, but it's not for me.
 I've seen this Project D Abby dress on both Bethany, Claire & Rachel and thought it was lovely.
 When I saw it had been reduced to £19.50 I thought I'd try it. This is a 24 and the fit is perfect!
I like this with the buttons quite undone and the belt tied....
 ... but I also like it buttoned all the way up and without the tie belt (it's tied loosely round the back!)
 I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a bargain this dress is, because it is really well made. For one thing there are loads of buttons that prevent the dreaded gaping on the bust, and the fabric is thick and opaque. It feels very well constructed and fits me really well. I'm impressed with this dress... it's the first Project D piece I've tried and it probably won't be my last!
It's around knee length on me & is perfect for this time of year because of the long sleeves and relatively thick fabric! You really must buy this if you like it, it's a lovely dress!
 This Timeout dress is a far cry from the quality of the project D dress, but what it lacks in quality it makes up for in cuteness! This dress (and the navy version) are reduced to £13.50, which is so flippin' cheap!
 It's got a proper vintage look as you can see. the fabric is non-stretch viscose, but it has the feel of a thin cotton (it's a tiny bit see-through in the light, but not enough to need a slip in my opinion!) and will be great for summer as it's proper lightweight.
 This is a size 24 and it's a great fit on me everywhere apart from the arms (no surprise there!) so I will have to wear them unbuttoned but I don't care about that! There is lightly elasticated ruching at the back of the waist.....
.... and a non-elasticated band on the front, so the shape is very nice and rather flattering. Just above the knee on me. This is a great little dress for the price & I feel so cute in it... especially when it's buttoned all the way up!
I'm kind of impressed by how my boyfriend always manages to come in just as the shutter is about to go.... check out the sexy socks!


  1. Ok, now I have to get that blue velour dress. I love a high neck. Looks awesome on you as does the blue & white especially. :)

  2. Oh Yey I was waiting for someone to review the Simply Be velour jobby! Really like it but have been wondering how the turtle neck/no arms will look on me. Love that Project D dress on you xx