Thursday, 13 March 2014

Secret sales

Did you ever see these Lucabella items in the Asos Curve section? Me neither! I swear that sometimes when I look at the curve sale I find things that I've never seen before (even thought I look at asos pretty much everyday!) and on this occasion I fell in love with the green shirt dress above. I don't know much about this brand, but the colour just made me feel happy so it went into my wishlist. It took me a while to order it because it wasn't cheap, but I figured as I could get free postage and returns I might as well try it right?!
 Nahhhh. This is the XL, which is supposed to be a Uk24, but I'd say this is closer to a 26. Good news for you size 26 ladies, but not so great for me, because their sizing is odd.... the L is a UK20, so it skips a size.
 Would I happily pay £66 for this dress? Probably not if I consider some of the other dresses I have paid less for. Would I have paid the original price of £94.99? No way, but if it gets further reduced to around £30 I'll order the L to try.
Anyway, there are some great things about this dress. The colour is lush (obviously!) the sleeves are big (yey for my giant arms!) and it's a good enough length to wear safely with bare legs. The fabric is thin and soft, with a bit of stretch. It kind of reminds me of the Anna Scholz double silk, but a synthetic version. It would be great for summer, so all in all it's not a bad purchase!

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