Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Don't stop 'till you get enough

Or do, actually. Personally I have more than enough. I am such a mega shopper. It's obscene frankly, and blogging has turned it into even more of an obsession. I'm using this post as a way to share my wishlist with you without spending any money, because I really have spent SO MUCH already this year. January has always been a shopping-fest because of the sales, but now there are sales ALL THE TIME! I have no will power once something I want is on sale, but I must have will power if I want to go on holiday this year. Don't get me wrong I'm not struggling financially, but I'd like to not feel like I'm struggling once I get back from a holiday like I normally do and besides which, I really don't have space for more stuff. I'm already realising that I need to do another mammoth ebay sale.... my dress wardrobe is beyond full! I might have to create a new 1 in 3 out rule!

Anyway, here is the stuff that I really want to buy, but am actively resisting!
It is taking a huge amount of will power to resist Claire Richards dress from Fashion World. I've seen it on enough bloggers to know that I genuinely love it, but at £75 I certainly need a special offer or sale before I can justify buying it. I would wear this loads though, so I hope I do manage to get it in the sales one day!
 Ahh Simply Be is so funky at the moment. Want it.... don't need it!
 Is this the jumpsuit I've been searching for?! Not gonna find out anytime soon!
A denim top that isn't a shirt?! like it!
 DAMMIT MARISOTA! I got the Gatsby dress to wear to my friends wedding (it's gonna have a 20's vibe) which is a lovely dress, but it's grey, which is certainly not my ideal colour. Then I saw this, and I was like WHY?! This dress is flipping delicious, but I can't really justify buying two dresses for one wedding now can I?. My heart is a little bit broken, I want this very badly :(
This is another heart breaker from Marisota.... flapper style, IN YELLOW! Oh how my heart is longing for a yellow dress. They're everywhere in the standard sized world, but nowhere in the plus size world. This is delicious.... would totally wear this to the wedding too. Should have waited to buy a dress..... hindsight.
And while I'm at it, this Maristoa dress is bloody lovely too. Any of these dresses would have worked for the wedding, and all of them would be better colours on me than grey. Omph.
 This was just added to Asos, and I'm finally feeling like they might release some cool pieces... I've been so bored with Curve for the last few months..... I much preferred it when they made big versions of some of the pieces from the standard range. There are so many good things on asos, but not much of it goes above a size 18. This dress is lovely though!
This looks like a great summer jumpsuit. My experience with the sizing of curve jumpsuits is that the stretchy ones are massive, but the non-stretch ones are tiny. This is non-stretch (& £40!) so I will have to wait and see if the price comes down before I try it!
This Forever 21+ dress is so 70's... I love 70's clothing so I'm super excited that it's coming back round again (thanks to American Hustle!).
 I like the mixed patterns in this simple New Look Inspire dress. It would be such a good everyday dress!
Errrr..... Lovedrobe, can I have this dress please?! As bored as I am of bodycon, I'm making an exception for this because it's totally excellent!
 I think I've worked out how I feel about Taking Shape now.... most of their clothing is not my style; it's a bit old fashioned for me, but their 'eplisse' range is much more my cup of tea. I like the girly and feminine prints and cuts, so when they released this dress I really wanted it....
...then I saw Betty Pamper in it and was like 'Yep, that's going straight into my wishlist!'.

Very are gonna need their own section, 'cause frankly out of all the shops around I want more from Very than anywhere else. Typically none of this is from their plus size collection (which I find rather uninspiring) but these are all items that go up to a 24 as standard, and it's taking a large amount of will-power to not order some of these things! Here goes....
 ARGH! Perfect smart casual maxi dress! This would be so good for work. This one is proving very hard to resist!
This jumpsuit would be so mega cute on the beach wouldn't it?! Possible holiday wear I feel!
 I love how light and full this maxi skirt looks.... I actually like the spearmint coloured version of this but couldn't get a large image!
I think I've had this dress in my basket about 7 times now. I find it SO exciting. my brain is currently split between 'YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE' and 'YOU HAVE OVER 100 DRESSES YOU IDIOT'!. 
The colour of this dress is perfect. If I hadn't bought so many shirt dresses recently this would be testing my resolve in a big way!
As much as I love the 1st pink dress above, I sort of feel like this one would be the more sensible option. It's friggin' lush huh?!
 OH MY GOD! This bright jumpsuit has sent me into a spin! I love everything about it, and one day I hope it will be mine (and that the 24 will fit my big ass!).


  1. If only I had won the lottery!! I love the jumpsuits and that pink dress is to die for also the denim top made me rally happy! xx

  2. I've got that lips skirt in a wishlist I'm posting tomorrow. SO many good things here, Parsnip! x x