Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Prime time

I never come out of a trip to Primark without at least 3 items more than I went in there for & this recent trip was no different of course! I saw Hayz date night diva post on Thursday and noticed that she has on a blue version of the black and white flats I got from Primark a while back. I love those shoes so I decided to nip down and find them in blue (£6 the day before payday won't kill me eh?!) but there is some seriously awesome stuff in there at the moment, so I ended up spending nearly £50 (naughty Parsnip!).

First the stuff I liked but didn't buy!
 Please excuse the bunching on these culottes, but I tried them over my clothes! These would be so perfect for summer holidays if like me you need fabric between your thighs to avoid chaffing!
 Primark have started a Maternity range! I thought that was such good news! I tried this maternity swing dress on in a 20, and I'd say it would fit a size 26 fine. I saw Nikki in the standard version of this dress and she said that it's rather see-through, but happily the maternity version is soft jersey rather than a knitted fabric, so no sheerness here. I really found it hard to step away from this, but I knew I was going to buy some dresses from Simply Be so I resisted!
 If only this scuba dress went above a 20, I would have had it! It's basically my perfect dress, but I don't like wearing clothes that are so obviously too small for me so it was a no-go....
 Sexy girly zip dress, too small for my norks :(
 Excellent peg leg jumpsuit in a super stretchy jersey fabric.... I only resisted because I already have a primani jumpsuit in a black and white, but if you want a summer jumpsuit you wouldn't go wrong with this one!
I thought this tee was awesome too!

Now the stuff I did buy!
So here are the blue shoes. I also got some jelly shoes to wear on the beach (as it seems that me and the boyf are both determined to have a relaxing holibobs this year!). The necklaces are both lovely because they are chunky, but pretty lightweight!
 I've said it before and I'll say it again - ain't nothin' better for a beach holiday than a kaftan! I have a vintage kaftan, but I love it so much that I tend to just wear it as a dress when it's hot, so I wanted one to take away that I don't mind getting covered in sand and possibly ruined!
 I was excited when I saw this in Primark. It's so pretty, a little ethereal in white (it comes in black too, but black is too un-summery for me!) with sparkly explosions on it!
 I held this out and thought it looked really generous in the biggest size (18-20) so I didn't try it on.... when I got it home I realised that it was one of those oversized items that drives me bonkers; it had been sewn together at the waist belt holes, so when I put it on it was skin tight on the body with big flaps on each side. WHY retailers do this I'll never understand, it makes the whole oversized look totally pointless!
 Anyway, I just cut them apart and then repaired the holes... it didn't need to be a good job.... it's only for the beach after all! I can still use the belt if I want a fitted look, and the shoulders can be ruched with the ribbons in them. Check the shoes - so cute that I might have to wear them all summer!
 For some odd reason I went for these floral culottes rather than the polka dots (more summery again was my thinking!) but they kind of look like Hawaiian shorts! Oh well, they're just for dossing around on the beach or going for long walks in sweltering heat so I don't really care what they look like... I just wanna be cool and un-chafed! The trick will be to find a top that can make them look a tad more stylish that what I chucked on to take this photo!
The shoes yes, lovely, but the t-shirt?! Dream come true basically! Good old Primark, my wardrobe wouldn't be the same without them. Now if they could be persuaded to start making bigger sizes.....


  1. I have the daisy print dress from the maternity wear range and I love it. Its so comfy and like you said could easily fit bigger sizes. Oh how I want those shoes too. They are amazing. I find it really hard coming out of Primark without buying something now too. Their clothes are a lot better this year than they have been.

  2. The scuba dress is gorgeous but I understand the boob issue (mine can be an utter pain!) Hawaiian shorts and kimono's are always amazing, yours look fab on you! you have found amazing pieces there x x x

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