Saturday, 22 March 2014


Got no need for the fancy things
All the attention that it brings
Tell me no, I say yes, I was chosen
And I will deliver the explosion

It's been a while since I did a post about my vintage love. If you follow my 'Wardrobe Weekly' posts you'll have noticed that I love a bit of vintage. I like to be original in the way I dress, and it's tough to do when you're a big fatty because when something good comes out everybody buys it (I'm down with that of course, sharing great buys is one of the reasons I started this blog after all!), but wearing the odd vintage piece will always ensure that you stand out from the crowd. I've added a few amazing pieces to my wardrobe since the last post (loads in fact, more than I had time to put in here!) so I thought it was time for me do an update. 

 I got two Norman Linton dresses from the same seller, one fitted and one didn't (I'll be selling that one when I get the time!) which is sometimes the way with ebay buys, but I ended up with this rather cool number.

 I wore this delicious skirt a few weeks ago to work. Vintage (super synthetic fabric of course!) midi skirt with pockets that is the most delicious colour! I don't always remember how much things cost, but I remember this one, because I got it for 99p!

This is a vintage Evans dress. The 2nd one to join my wardrobe, which officially makes a collection! I think it is extremely likely that I will end up with more vintage Evans dresses in my wardrobe than modern ones!

Super cute mega 80's party dress. I fell in love with the geometric glitter pattern and the zig zag waist. Had to have it!

 What can I say about this jacket?! Errrr.... it's big and glittery, and it HAD TO BE MINE! It's a bit like a kimono jacket, just with smaller sleeves and shoulder pads!
I plan to wear this in many ways, and when I style it up properly I think it's gonna look amazing!

How freaking cool is this dress? I couldn't find any of my black slips so I have a nude one under this, but I'm tempted to get a bright one to go underneath as this is sheer. Can't wait for nice weather so I can rock this beauty!

Okay, so technically this jacket is not vintage, it's from Gap so it's just second hand, but I found it in a charity shop and I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.
 This is a size 12 and I'm a size 24 in non-stretch coats. Obviously this was intended to be massively oversized! It goes without saying that the belt was too small for me, but I added my own in order to nip it in at the waist a bit....
 .... I like it loose too, but the length of this means that I finally have a coat to wear with midi's!
Very chuffed with this jacket, it's unusual and chic (in my opinion it is anyway!) so it'll be a great staple!

If you want to buy vintage then here are my tips; make sure you browse all your local charity shops on a regular basis, and try on anything that looks like it might fit you... take no notice of the labels (the Norman Linton dress above is a size 26 and only just fits me, but the floral dress is a 16 and thanks to the loose fit and stretchy crinkle fabric I got into it easily with room to spare!) you will be surprised at how much you can get away with! Ebay is trickier as you can't try before you buy. In this case, search for your size plus & minus 2 sizes. Check the measurements and fabric description and if you need more info just email the seller. I pretty much always email to ask 'is it stretchy', and 99% of the time when the answer is yes the item has fitted me fine!

Now go forth and dare to be different!

Me, I'm a creator
Thrill is to make it up
The rules I break got me a place
Up on the radar


  1. You look great! You've inspired me to go and rummage in our local charity shops xx

  2. Love vintage, and I love your vintage pieces, all gorgeous, all fab! and yes throw the size rules out the window when rummaging, most of my jackets/coats don't even fit properly but I don't care, they are lovely! x x x