Sunday, 24 November 2013

Winter Parsnip part-1!

Yesterday I felt sexy, so I got rather overdressed for a woman just going out to get groceries..... having said that I was buying a (frozen) Turkey for Thanksgiving and a goose for my faux Christmas, which sort of made it acceptable to get all wintry and glam!
I feel hot in this dress (Barbara Hulaniki for George), and I feel sexy in red lipstick, so that's what I went for!
I casualed it up with my little boots and some Christmas socks peeking out the top, both from Primark!

Anyway, the reason I'm doing this post really is to show you my winter coat, cause you never really get to see me with my extra layer do you?!. I used to be much more concerned with the stylishness of a coat, but as I've got older I've come to the conclusion that I'd much rather be the warmest person at the bustop than the most stylish! I have two types of coats I wear at this time of year - puffa and faux fur....
 This is my beloved puffa coat, bought YEARS ago from Tesco of all places, (their normal range, size 20!) that has been repaired so many times because I just can't bear to part with it! I just totally fell in love with it's asymmetric shape and crossover high neck. I think as puffa's go it's rather unusual.
 What I have come to accept over the years is that although it is freezing outside, that doesn't mean it's freezing indoors.... public transport, offices, shops all have the heating on full blast at this time of year, which makes layer upon layers unbearable to me. I only need my normal clothing indoors until it gets to the coldest part of winter, and even then I just need to wear a jumper, so what I want is a coat that is really super warm to protect me from the elements when I'm outside, but can just come off to reveal a thin layer of clothing underneath when I'm on a sweaty train or in an over heated shop!
The other thing I insist on during the cold months is a big hat! I don't have loads of woolly hats, but the ones I do have are totally and utterly big, warm and fabulous! I love this big bobble hat from Primark, and I have a few other big woolly hats... they have to be big enough to remind me of rasta hats because I hate beanies.... my head is too small for them!
This chunky one from H&M is my all-time favourite, but the other one I'm very fond of (even though I'm nearly 32!) is this little fella...
Yes it is faux fur and yes it has ears. It's cute, but more importantly it's SO warm! Perfect with a puffa! A primark special and I think they have them again this year! I'll be back soon (when winter really sets in!) with my faux fur & other choice head gear, but for now, here are my favourite puffas and hats available online!

 Evans £69.50
Asos £15

Asos £15

Asos £9
Asos £15
 George £35
Asos £15

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  1. Loving that dress, and your jacket. I'm a big fan of hats too, all sorts. I have a winter accessories addiction, shall we say. x