Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Georgy porgy

I am so in love with my plunge bra from George that I decided to order it in another colour, giving me the excuse to order some of the sale items online that I fancied trying out! Here are the bits I tried....
 This dress (size 24, sold out online I think!) is odd. It wants to be a bodycon dress, but it's not stretchy..... it's also not properly fitted, so it's tight on my bottom but all baggy under the boobs.
Funnily enough it looks better in the pictures than it does in real life, but it's badly fitting and uncomfortable so it's going back!
 This dress (size 22) is so pretty, but as I suspected, it is not the best fabric for us lumpy ladies. The flash hides a bit of the clingyness, but honestly, even for a confident woman like me this is too slinky! it's that extremely thin, extremely stretchy shiny fabric that shows up every cellulite dimple on your body!
 It's almost long enough for me, but really I'd like it to touch the floor.... probably means it will be lovely and long on women of average height!
If I was happy to have dresses that I wouldn't wear out then this would be a keeper.... purely so I could stoke it! Sadly I have enough dresses to keep me going so I don't need one that displays my double belly so clearly!
I snapped this super autumnal chiffon-like top up for £6 (size 24) and I love it! Such a lovely work top.... a bit short for some bottoms but will look lovely with a black skirt (off to pink clove to finally order the fishtail skirt I've been eyeing up!
Sheer fabric, lovely colours, nice fit. Non-stretch size 24 top that fits me from George? Good lord how lovely, if only their non-stretch dresses could do the same!
 This 42E body (on sale for £6.... now I know why!) is so insanely small from the waist down that I only just managed to get into it, and almost had a panic attack trying to get out of it! You can see that it's wider at the top from the picture! What woman with a 42 back is this small on the bottom? Total shite!
 This is such a typical problem for me. This size 22 underbust shaper fits me, but it makes me look like a sausage because there is not enough definition between the waist and the hips.... it's too straight up and down, and I'd rather have lumpy sticky out bits that be a fat tube! Shame.
WHY?! God damn it, I would have kept this size XL lightweight underbust shaper, it's handy, but the lace round the thigh isn't anywhere near as stretchy as the fabric so it cuts in like a mother-bitch! You know that irritating thing where you'll find a nice fitting pair of stretch trousers that for some mad reason has a non-stretch waist? This is the underwear equivalent of that! Gutner!
Lets end on a high note shall we?! This is the other version of the bra I bought, it comes in 3 colours, is £8 and is bloody lovely!

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