Sunday, 3 November 2013


I had soooooo many plans for this weekend, and what with one thing and another I only managed to actually do two of them! Happily both things were super fun and most importantly I got to dress up in a big way for both of them!

First up.... Plus London three!
 I haven't shown you guys this dress on here yet, because I knew I'd wear it to Plus London & wanted to save it. I think this is the favourite dress in my vast collection. I remember seeing it in Now magazine and nearly choking on my own tongue!
 Pretty much everyone I met at plus London three asked me where my dress was from, and pretty much all of them were open mouthed in shock when I told them it was from Per Una Speziale (marks and Spencer), which cracked me up. I totally agree that Per Una is generally full of the sort of clothes that you see on women in Amateur dramatic troupes who wear Stirling silver Celtic jewellery (!) but about once a year they will release a dress that is fantastically beautiful. This year it was the striped maxi dress I wore to the Simply Be / Gok event and the year before it was this vision of loveliness. I harassed M&S via twitter for about 3 months before this came out, and after being given the wrong date and being told it was only going to be released online, I walked into the Marble Arch store and there it was.... being ignored by all the old ladies. I don't think I've ever been as excited about a dress as I was about this one, and I feel more special (or maybe I should say Speziale!) in this than anything else I own!
 The pattern is like hyper real close-ups of butterfly wings, and I just think the shape is so flattering - tight at the waist, shaped round the hips but pleated in the centre. The shoulders are utterly delicious too! You've seen my totally lush candy wrapper clutch on here before, and I stand by what I said last time; it's the best conversation starter in the whole world. I was asked about it like 50 times on Saturday! You can get these on ebay sometimes but they will set you back a ridiculous sum of money. I had a look to see if I could find alternatives. I would never advise people to get cheap knock offs of this bag (which obviously you can find on ebay!) 'cause they tend to look like tack & obviously fake, but I'm totally down with different bags that are also trying to look like candy wrappers - I came across a clear candy wrapper style bag from china that has a similar shape and look to mine but isn't trying too hard to be a fake MMM one.... I'm tempted to get the transparent holographic one myself but I don't think I need another do I?!
 I went for mermaidish eye make-up and nude lips to go with this dress and minimal jewellery... the dress is such a statement that anything more would just be overkill I think!
Dress 22 - Per Una Speziale
Clutch Bag - Maison Martain Margiela for H&M
boots - Old ones from ebay... can't remember the brand!

 So many lovely ladies at Plus London, and some lovely brands too!
 Great talk from Curvissa, and simply Be's sneak peak of their upcoming Anna Scholz lingerie campaign had me cooing!
 Becky pulling faces...
 Me trying on some stuff that clashed horribly with my dress!
You know what, this Anna Scholz for Simply be Jacket is lovely. I can't believe I got my arms into this size 20.... I quite what this jacket (and matching skirt) now, I have sort of fallen in love with it!

 Look how cute Lauren is!
 The super foxy Diablo Daniels
Michelle keeping the crowd happy!

It's really was lovely to sit round and chat with a crowd of fat ladies, it's something that happens so rarely in my life!

Okay, so I left Plus London to go to my friends joint birthday party - it just wasn't feasible to do After Dark and the Party in Brixton in the end, but never mind, I'm too old (and lazy) for party hopping anyway!

80's party!
 I can't really do better than a vintage 80's dress for an 80's party can I?! This is one of my Ebay finds from ages ago and it's ace! I crimped my hair (kinda like it crimped, might do this more often!) and went for the Jerry Hall style make up, i.e. eyeshadow up to the eyebrows and blusher from the apples of my cheeks right up to my hair line! I added the metallic glittery lipstick (Barry M lacquer crayon no 1) to match the tights.
A nice bright one so you can see the detailing on the dress... SO cool, and shoulder pads as well of course! These tights gave me such AWFUL chub rub by the way (old ones from Evans) and they went straight in the bin when I got home! Sorry for the mess I was in such a rush! Those are my turquise boots from earlier btw!
Dress 24 - vintage via ebay
Devil tights - Evans (binned!)
Shoes - New look
 I talked about getting some gear for my boyfriend during our charity shop trip and some of you asked me to include pictures so here he is in his full 'weekend at Bernie's' style get up!
Real silk shirt & slacks from charity shops in Stretham, shoes and shades from Primark... is it odd that I found him extremely attractive in this outfit? I kept touching the silk!
Now then, I had planned to go to Plus London day 2..... the community day sounded like fun and the lure of salted caramel brownies, well, enough said. However, I am LAME and after the party there was just no way in hell I was gonna make it to Hoxton (didn't get out of bed until about 2pm!) so instead me and him huddled together in bed and watched SNL while eating chocolate.

This is why,  first there was this.......

 Then there was this..........
 Then there was this......
And then our friend wandered off and didn't know how to a) get back to the party, b) get back to our flat, c) use the gps on his phone!

And then there was bed!

I therefore didn't wear the outfit I'd planned for plus London day two which involved my favourite new buy that I'd been saving, so before it sells out me and my rough as funk no-makeup greasy haired self put it on, my in-his-robe-all-day boyf took some crap snapshots, and here it is in none of its full glory!
 Ahhhhh man, when I saw this weird fringed top on the asos site a while back I fell HARD! I mean come-the-fuck-on! It has tassel's and it's got holographic colours! I really really wanted it, but at £75 there was just no damn way I could justify it!
 It went down to £36 and I was finding it almost impossible to resist. Then I saw Arcade fire on SNL and Régine Chassagne had something similar on made from chains. 

I told my boyfriend (as if he cared) that I was just going to have to spend £36 on the leather one from asos even if I only wear it once ever, because it's just so cool....
.... so off I go to asos only to find it was now down to £26! In the basket and checked out before you could say 'FRINGING'!
 They only had the small and medium left so I just looked at how big the arm holes of the small one was on the (minuscule!) model and figured I'd get my sumo arms through the holes okay, and then obviously the body of the piece is totally free-size. Thank goodness the medium fit fine, 'cause I really love this thing! I also love my vintage crushed velvet dress.... shiny on shiny! I was planning to wear tights with this and hadn't decided on the shoes, but generally this was my outfit!
Dress 20 - vintage via ebay
leggings 20 - primark
Shoes - Ecco

Hope you guys had a nice weekend full of fun too.... no regrets!

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  1. Was very very cool to meet you this weekend, you are clearly a very interesting lady (with GREAT fashion sense!) can't wait to read more of your blog later on when I am not drowning in orders <3