Thursday, 21 November 2013

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker?


Okay, so maybe a tad over dramatic, but Miss Dionne Warwick sings the shit out of that song and I know how she feels!

Oh god, when I saw the Delilah Dress on Nancy's blog I fell hard..... so hard! I've never ordered anything from Collectif before, generally because they seem to sell out of the big sizes in the stuff I like pretty quickly, but on this occasion they had the dress I wanted in a size 22. Most of my stretch velvet dresses are a size 22, and I wanted this to be like a sexy wiggle dress so I figured I should be okay with a 22. I looked at the dress on the model and thought 'okay, it's below the knee so it should be a good length on me, and it's quite loose on the top so that'll work', plus I knew that Collectif have used Georgina as a model in the past, and her boobs are SO much bigger than mine. I went for it.

 I knew the moment I took this out of the packet that I was going to be in trouble. I looked at the bodice and then checked the size thinking I must have been sent the wrong size, but alas no, the body of the dress really is that short and small. The waist on this is about 4 inches higher than my waist, and as you can see from the first shot of me in it there is just no room for my boobs. I have deliberately photographed it next to a M&S size 22 so you can compare the length of the body's.... this really is ridiculously short.
I can just about pull the wrap sections under my boobs, but it is actually physically painful to do so, my poor boobies!
Can you see how it's digging into my breast?
If you're a size 22 woman with small boobs then you'll be fine.... it's stretchy and is just about knee length on me, but if you have big boobs forget it!

I would have adored this dress, I would have rocked up to my extremely fancy works Christmas party in it feeling like a million bucks, but alas, it was not to be. To quote General Melchett 'HOWL HOWL HOWL! Oh well... can't be helped'.

To be honest the most annoying thing is that the postage was over £5 and I also have to pay for the return, so I've lost nearly £10 and all I have to show for it is a broken heart!


  1. So frustrating! I wish there was a better way to know dress sizes/fit before we ordered! xx

  2. That's a bummer. Such a shame, as it's a lovely dress. x

  3. Such a shame, its a lovely dress. I'm not overly endowed, but I see a lot of dresses cut with very short torsos. :(

  4. Oh no that's such a shame! :( I do hope you find something else just as lovely for your party! <3