Saturday, 16 November 2013

New things

 I've ordered / bought a few things recently so I thought I'd compile a list of my new bits & bobs.....

 This dress from George looked nice to me, so I ordered it and went for a size 24 to be safe because it has no stretch.
 Look... if I were a size 26 then I'd wear a size 26 and that would be fine, but I'm not a size 26, I'm generally a size 22 in fabric with a bit of stretch and 24 in clothing that has no give. My experiences with George recently would suggest that I am a 20-22 in stretchy dresses and a 26-28 in fitted ones. It's getting on my tit's frankly!
 There is absolutely no boob room in this dress.... as you can see I couldn't even zip it up and it was already squashing them!
This dress would work for ladies with more petite and high-up boobs than me, but to get it zipped over your belly you would probably have to size up.
 I have some boots that fit my calves!
 Good old Simply Be have saved me from a life without long leather boots! These lovely boots are a 6EEE extra curvy plus (the biggest size calf width) and they're quite a nice fit.
 I tried the calf size down first and although I could get into them I wanted the option of wearing them over jeans so I sized up to the super-massive fatty-boom-boom calf size.

 These are quite a good length on me - I tend to find Evans boots have the curve of the calf too low for my calf but these are a bit better, and they're tight and fitted on my ankles and lower legs. I have to say though that this might cause problems for those of you with chunkier ankles. I think a size 7 would be too big for me, but I think the size 6 is quite small. In an ideal world I would have a 6.5 wide, but these are real leather so I think I will just have to break them in! Having worn them to work for the day I got on fine with them.... I hope they'll stretch out enough for me to wear them with thick socks when the weather turns nasty, but generally they're pretty comfy.
On a side note, the other boots I ordered arrived this week, and sadly they don't fit me. Despite being the same size as the tan ones above (6EEE extra curvy plus) they're looser on the legs but smaller on the foot. Bummer! I need a 7 in these, and I'd have to get one size smaller in the leg I think. Dear Readers, do Simply Be do straight forward exchanges? I find the returns form so damn confusing! It looks like you have to pay again, rather than returning for an exchange?! If anyone can explain this to me I'd be very grateful.... I've met a stony silence from Simply Be regarding exchanging them, and I'm not paying again because I used a discount code that I can't use again. Bah!

 Oh my god these are amazing! Props to my friend for finding these in River Island and then posting a picture to facebook! I so wanted some holographic brogues but the Miista ones were super expensive and looked incredibly narrow, so I had to pass them up (even the rose gold toned ones... WAAAHHH!).
They're even more bonkers with the flash on! Thank goodness I ordered a size 7 & size 8, 'cause the 7 was soooo small I couldn't even get my foot in them. The 8 is a better fit. I put heel shields in the back of these (my flat ankles always rub on shoes, so most of them have heel shields in 'em!) and they were surprisingly comfy when I wore them out, so I'm a happy bunny!
I had the pleasure of going to a massive Asda while in my home town and I got some great things, this jumper being one of them. Dragon sweater for the win! This is on sale online in the smaller sizes but they still have tons of them in-store.
 I went bra crazy this week! So many of my favourite bras have gone bad recently (rolling up at the back, getting too loose or the wires popping out etc) that I needed to re-stock so I can chuck out some of the worst offenders :(. George have some lovely lovely bras at the moment and they're so cheap! I've come home with some right corkers! This is my favourite one in 42 DD - the back is quite generous on this one so the smaller cup size worked best. What a comfy bra... I'd describe it as a 'shelf bra' which is what I'm always looking for, basically it lifts my boobs and propels them forwards... nothing I hate more than a bra that squashes my boobs and makes them look smaller! Looks delicious on and is soft and scrumptious! £8!
 This lacy number from George has more of a plunge shape compared to the balcony feel of the coral one. This is my boyfriends favourite so I guess it makes my boobs look nice and big! I got the 42E in this one but I think the DD would be fine too if I wanted more of a wonderbra feel! £8!
 Super cute pack of two padded bras, also from George, also 42E. The backs on these are much tighter than the other and the build is very sturdy so I'm thinking they'll be good as everyday bras. I could run for the bus in these. They're full cup with a slight plunge and contain my boobs really well. they're a bit more pointy than the other bras, but I like the vintage pointy boob look so long as they still stick out quite a bit! £9! I've actually ordered some more undies from George because I've been rather impressed with all the bits and pieces I got at the weekend, I'll review it all when it arrives!
 A much more expensive bra now, from M&S. Per Una seem to be the only bras I like from M&S these days, and even then it's hit and miss. I tried on 10 bras and this style was the only type that fitted me properly. This is a 42DD and is spot-on. The others I tried (all the same size) fell into one of the following categories; too small on the back / too big on the cup / too small on the cup / completely flattened my boobs / straps too short. How is this possible? Fair enough if I just don't like a style, but how can the sizing be so incredibly inconsistent? Seriously, sort it out M&S.
This is a super soft stretch cup with very cute detailing. Should be cute for £22.50! It is comfortable and gives quite a natural rounded shape. It's sort of between a padded and non-padded bra really, and it's gonna be great for a comfortable everyday bra. This is the light taupe (more of an oyster colour in my book) and I'm getting the Navy version for Christmas (it's not navy in real life, it's more of a purple toned midnight blue - really beautiful!) as it's the one that caught my eye initially, but they didn't have my size in store so my mum ordered it online as part of my Christmas gift!

Bra's ahoy!


  1. It's really too bad about the dress. The color looks amazing on you and I love the style. I need that 'give' that stretchy fabrics have.

  2. They're very expensive, but I really haven't looked back since buying my first Rigby & Peller bra. They do such amazing things for your bust and are so comfortable (the bras are all different, though). I'm a 40F, which I never would have imagined, but it was very obvious when I tried my first 40F in the shop that the assistant was spot on.