Friday, 22 November 2013


You know I love a bargain! I went to Primark to buy 2 things.... winter leggings and a fluffy (eyelash) jumper. Came out with a bit more than that, but all of it bargainous!
After Simply Be informed me that they don't do exchanges (fucking rediculous!) I decided to just get some cheapo black boots. These are the black version of my tan ones and I love them.... sized up so that I could wear big socks with them! £10, super comfy, go with everything!
I've been feeling like my ever-expanding pencil skirt collection needs smart tops recently, and I fell in love with the many different versions of this pussy bow chiffon top. I plumped for this delicious orange one because it was on sale for £3! size 20 so obviously much tighter on me than intended, but I LIKE the tightness!
I've been looking for the perfect top to wear with my Domino Dollhouse zip skirt, and this is it. Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn! How to marry a Millionaire posters and stills. I think this was around £5-6. Look out for the full ensemble next week!
Oh my god, could I love this £10 jumper any more? Nope! I have a green eyelash cardi from Primark and it's so warm and lush, but when I saw this post from Musings of a Curvy lady I just HAD to have a jumper version to wear with my midi skirts. Primark have this perfect jumper in a number of colours, and I took the white / cream version and this super pale pink (actually I think this colour is technically 'nude'!) to try, both size 20. I loved them both, but the fit of this pink one was just a bit better, longer in sleeve and body so this is the one I got!
Here you can see how pale it is, I feel SO Christmassy in this, and so incredibly warm. I highly recommend these bargain jumpers to everyone!

BTW, I got my second pair of primark 'shaper' leggings (size XL) which are sort of like a cross between leggings and disco pants... I don't know if they're particularly effective as shaper's other than being long and stretchy enough to pull over my top belly, but they're thick so are great for winter. The friction of my thighs when I walk in them does sound a bit like a train, but that is quite often the case and I don't really care!

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