Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Rock Forever 21 but just turned 30....

..... okay, 32 in my case but Kanye fans will know what I'm sayin'! Forever 21+ is pretty useless for me during the winter months because their 3XL is generally too small for me in any non-stretch or firm fabric pieces, or too short in terms of little dresses & skirts. Summer time is my time though, because all the jumpsuits, stretch trousers and maxi dresses come out, and normally they're in some kind of stretchy jersey. I had my budget in mind when I made this order, otherwise I would have ordered SO MANY THINGS! As it is I just ordered two things and they were both on offer.......
 I really wanted a bandeau maxi for my holiday, so when I saw this dress on offer for £12 I put it straight into my basket! This is available in pink and white too, but this mint green really floated my boat!
 The belt fits nicely but I don't think the dress needs it and I certainly wouldn't bother with a belt when I'm away! The fabric is stretch jersey, it's fantastically long and has a ruched top (double layered on the bodice)
 This 3XL is a nice fit - quite tight on the bust but not in an uncomfortable way. Sadly not tight enough for me to go braless so I might have to find a strapless bra!
 I've been looking at these trousers for ages, so when they went into the sale for £10.99 I decided to go for it! Pockets of joy!
 I have two pairs of leopard print trouser already, but one pair is non stretch (no good for my more vigorous work days or sitting crossed legged on the grass) and the other pair is thin jersey and are actually a little big for me, so I thought these might be just right for running around in!
 These trousers remind me of the the Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans trousers, they're just a little thicker and firmer and are really tight on the ankles. I really like these! The 3XL is a good fit so the 22-24 description is a pretty good one on this occasion!
I might have to wear these to work tomorrow because I find them exciting and I wanna try them with my cute new black shoes!

£68-£26.94 (inc P&P!) = £41.06 left to spend!

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  1. You look GREAT in that dress - simply gorgeous! and those trousers, well I may be making a purchase!!! x