Friday, 18 April 2014

Beach worthy

I didn't want to spend a fortune on holiday clothes, so I had a browse of  the crazy clearance website.... it's crazy I tell you! I was on the hunt for some cheap trousers suitable for super hot weather and the beach / pool, so I didn't want to spend a fortune. I ordered 3 pairs, so lets start with the pair that didn't fit....
I ordered these blue chinos in a size 24, but I couldn't button them up. Shame, they were actually quite nice. I would consider sizing up to a 26 but I think they would then be too big on my legs.
 VERY sadly this swimsuit did not fit me. The width of the size 24 was fine, but it was too short in the body, so it tugged my boobs downwards and was hella uncomfortable. I think I need 'long' swimsuits!
 These crinkle trousers were exactly what I'd been looking for. They are lightweight, have lots of give and will be super easy to slip on and off on the beach! Oh yeah, and did I mention that they were only £9 (£7.20 with the code I used).
 They didn't have these in the 24 so I ordered the 26. If I'd had to guess I would have said these were size 22-24, but I don't really care! They're comfy and I love the colour. I'll definitely be lounging around in these!
Summer bunny!
 I really wanted some Plazzo trousers, and this 'milk chocolate' pair were only £12.50 (£10 with my discount) so I thought it was worth trying them!
 These are super thin flowing fabric (the camera flash kind of ruins them, they're rather lovely in real life!) they have a subtle sheen and almost look like silk. Pockets too, as it should be! The back of the waist is elasticated so they're easy to get on and off.
Look how far I can pull these up! Funnily I was worried these would be too small because they're a 22 and the fabric isn't stretchy at all, but they're actually very generous. In fact if I hadn't known what I'd ordered I'd have guessed these were the size 26 and the lilac pair were the 22!
The best thing about the generous sizing and almost high waisted cut, is that ladies with considerably larger bottoms than me will fit them well, and won't need to worry about getting a builders bum!
 So just a quick detour.... I got this Rodgers and rogers dress from Matalan. I'd seen it on Becky and Naomi and thought it was super cute. When it went down to £11 I couldn't resist!
This is a 24 and it's a great fir everywhere apart from the sleeves, which are a bit tight, but it's not uncomfortable. Every thing's always tight on my mega arms! This dress is thin and floaty non-stretch fabric, so get your normal size unless you have huge boobs or huge arms, in which case size up (it has a little tie to nip the waist in so it'll still look lovely!)
 Now back to crazy clearance. I HAD to have this belt. Let me explain....
I'm gonna get all geeky now. I rather enjoy Game of Thrones (TV & books), and when I saw season two I got OBSESSED with Daenerys costumes. The gold filigree belts and collar specifically. I tried really hard to find some jewellery like this, but to no avail...
 Then I saw these belts and it was like YEY! That's exactly the thing I've been looking for! I got the silver version in size 24-28 and it JUST fits. How they think a size 28 woman could do this up I don't know, but anyway....
I love this, the silver is quite dark (a bright pewter I'd say) and it's flexible so quite comfy. I have every intention of buying the gold one too, but I'll get the size 30-34! These belts are £6.50 (£5.20 with my discount) and I'm more than happy to spend that again so I have both colours. So pretty... will wear with a more appropriate dress next time!

TIP - try any fashion world discount codes you come across on the crazy clearance site, because they're all run by the same over arching company and they often work, hence my 20% off!

£49.05-£33.40 = £15.65 left to spend!

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