Friday, 4 April 2014

Big knickers for a big girl

You know when you notice that all your nice white knickers have gone grey? Well that's the situation I'm in at the moment, and I want to throw out all the pants that are upsetting me with their loose elastic and faded colours!

I've been pretty much the same size for years, but for some reason, despite the huge improvements in plus size clothing, I am now finding it harder than ever to buy my underwear on the high street. I don't like buying things online because I like to feel the fabric before buying pants. I can't get my nice modal pants from Primark anymore (or any decent pants in a 20-22!) so I did some internet investigations as to where I could get non-granny non-bucket knickers in a UK22. Turns out, hardly anywhere! M&S seemed to be the only place with pants I actively liked, so I headed to Marble Arch to buy me some new knickers. Oh WHAT A SURPRISE! the only pants in stock that went up to a 22 were old lady, cotton, itchy elastic bucket knickers. Utter bollocks! I had to order online in the end after all! I have no idea why the models are all in this highly uncomfortable looking pose, but anyway here's what I chose.....

All-Over Lace High Rise Shorts
These are a safe bet because I already wear them! The lace is super soft and they're mega comfy! I wear these in a size 22 and highly recommend them. They're nice and stretchy and make your bum look glorious (my boyfriend likes these as you can imagine!).

Nude pants come in very handy in my book, and I like the idea of having a pair like the ones above that cover my bottom entirely! These are great, super soft like the ones above. I went a bit mental and ordered the fuller knickers in a 24 but that was a mistake... even over leggings they were too big for me! I think the M&S size 24 pants would easily fit a size 26! I've ordered 2 pairs of these in a 22 now, they're lovely!

I was very excited about these! Brazilian pants are my pant of choice! I hate low-rise knickers because I want my (bottom) belly to be covered, but I like to have my bum cheeks out. I guess it stems from the days I wore thongs to avoid pantylines.... these are a good halfway house. I got them in black and white and I'm wearing the black pair today. I love them! The size 22 is perfect. The lace is not quite as soft as the 2 pairs above, but is still really comfy and not at all itchy (hallelujah!). My only gripe is that unlike other pants on M&S they don't go above a 22. I've come to expect these random inconsistencies from M&S recently though :(

I didn't try the next two pairs on because I stupidly ordered them in a size 24 and they were BIG! I also realised quite quickly that I didn't like the style. The pant itself is a bit synthetic feeling, but the lace on the sides is supper soft... almost fluffy! If you like a full high-rise pant style, you might like these, but not for me... not enough bottom on display for my liking!

I don't know what possessed me to order these because they're not my style at all! I wondered if they would go over my entire double belly, but they're not long enough for that, so they're just massive knickers! These are a much better quality pant as the fabric is a cotton blend, and the lace is super soft. again, not my style and too big for me anyway!

All of these Pants are £6 each and are in the 3 for 2 offer, so I have returned the 3 pairs of size 24's and have ordered 3 more of the all over lace & Brazilian knickers in a 22. Delivery was free because I had them sent to store for collection, so in total my new pants have cost me £24. Not cheap, but really not too bad for 6 pairs of big lacy pants!

£100(pcm)-£24 = £76 left to spend!

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