Tuesday, 8 April 2014


 I just HAD to have these when I saw them in Primark today! They're wide fit and are so damn good!
 I got my normal size 7 and they're comfy and a really great fit. totally flat with a bit of padding on the sole.
Seriously, Primark are just smashing it with thier smart flats at the moment, these come in electric blue too, and it took every bit of my self control to just get the (sensible) black pair because they're so cool! If they get them in another colour (tan for instance) I won't be able to resist because these will look cute with everything!

£76-£8 = £68 left to spend!


  1. They are amazing I need to get to Primark now!!! x

  2. Oh my god! I bought these yesterday and I love them. I'm going back to find more colours!!!!!

  3. A mary-jane with a wide buckle! divine shoes! they are gorgeous x x x

  4. your feet and shoes are very good, my dear