Monday, 21 April 2014

Bags and shoes

I took a trip to Primark for two reasons. 1) those black flats I got are so damn cute and comfy that I had to get the electric blue version & 2) I needed a clutch bag for the wedding I'm going to in a couple of weeks.... I wanted a white one, but didn't want to spend loads of money.
 Oh boy did they come through for me!
 This is such a cute clutch. It's a good size, has a wrist loop and metal bars down each end. It'll go with pretty much anything and will fit a pair of flat shoes for the party!
 Did I mention that this was only £6?! Bargain!
 I had to have these. I will wear them until they either fall apart or get too smelly to keep! £8.... the most attractive and comfy wide fit shoes I've ever found (and I've had some mega expensive ones!).
 I simply had to have this little bag. It's coming with me on holiday.It's the perfect size for my camera, holiday money, suntan lotion & sunglasses. I think it will also be quite tricky for a pick pocket to get into without me noticing!
 Delicious pastel candy colours! £6.
I also got these for my boyfriend. He either loses or utterly destroys all sunglasses, so even spending £5 on a pair is a waste of money. £1.50, that's the limit! 

Oh by the way, I made £154 on ebay with my last sale (although thanks to a few annoying non-paying buyers I've actually received £120), so I'm well aware that I'm about to go over my £100 per month spending limit, but it's okay, I'm funding it through paypal!

£15.56-£21.50 = -£5.94!
£120 paypal earnings - £5.94 = £114.06 to spend or save! 

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