Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Old news

I've been super slow recently, but here are all the random bits and pieces I bought last month.... some I'm keeping some I'm not. Sorry for the out-of-focus photos, my camera doesn't like my living room!
 First up the boots that had been in my wish list since January. Asos beauts, finally in the sale for £25 (I refuse to pay £50 for faux leather boots!) and they're finally mine. Love them. I have to wear a size 8 from Asos (I normally wear a 7 in high street shops!).
 This dress is from from a charity shop for £4 (H&M+ originally), no idea what size it is, but I'm sure it's about 3 sizes too big for me which I like. I wanted a loose fitting black dress, but not t-shirt fabric which is all clingy. Bargain!
 This Asos dress is cool, but the 24 is just way too big. I was expecting a much more slinky fabric so I didn't think the size would matter, but it's a stiff-ish fabric so it does!
 It's cool from the side, and I wanted to keep it, but it just looks a bit odd!
 I don't know that it's worth £26.50, but if it gets reduced further in the sale I might get it in a size 20 and see if that works better.... I want it because it would be lush in summer!
 The Very dress I liked went on sale, so I ordered it! This is a 24, and I don't like it. The fabric is the main problem... the top is a super thin non stretch satin (quite see through under natural light) and the skirt is a thick, scratchy firm textured fabric. It's tight on the bust, the neckline strangles me and the skirt is tight and clingy. Shame.... if the top was stretch fabric and the skirt was a slinky fabric it would have made more sense!
 I'm keeping this skirt from Very, I like the colour and the fabric is so light and floaty and soft.... perfect for summer! This 24 is actually quite generous. My only gripe is that it's quite short. It doesn't look short on the model, if fact it looks extremely long!. I wish it touched the floor, but hey.... it's more sensible at this length I guess!
 The back is elasticated. This is a flimsy skirt, but I like it. It was only £12, it has pockets and it makes me feel like a princess!
 The top is from Primark and I'm wearing it back to front because the back is the interesting bit! The leggings were recommended to me by my sister. They're Very high waisted tall leggings. Lovely and tight round the ankle and won't ride up! These are the size 22, and they're pretty generous round the waist, I think I could have done with a 20 really, but they might have been too tight on the calf in the smaller size, so I'm keeping these!
 The vest is one of two that I got from Primark. They're £2.50 each and are thick stretch jersey. Love them, they come down past my bottom belly too!
 The skirt is vintage, from a charity shop for £4. It hated the lining so I cut it out. Might need to add a petticoat so people don't see my pants when I wear it out!
 Okay, so this leaves nothing to the imagination but that was the idea! This is from Primark beach section, it's hella stretchy black fabric with little cutouts round the waist. I bought this to wear indoors when I'm feeling frisky (I don't really have any nighties that cover my bum, so I wanted a longer one!), but I loved it so much that I thought I'd share it! Sorry about the polka dot bra, you can't see it in natural light, but the pesky flash likes to show all my secrets!
This looks tiny on the hanger, but it's insanely stretchy, it would certainly fit bigger girls than me!


  1. Those leggings are the ones I wear as well and they are the business. I hate leggings that seem fine at first but after one wash shrink way past my ankle. No chance of that with these which is great.

  2. The Asos dress is divine, definitely get the smaller size, it's a beauty - shame about the Very dress too but you have picked a great selection here and charity shops are excellent for treasure x x x