Friday, 2 August 2013

Water baby

I'm lucky enough to live near a lido, so the boyf and I went today for a bit of a swim (well, more of a float & splash really!).
I just took a quick snap on the way out of the house, but this is the suit I wore.
This is my go-to outfit to chuck on over a swimming cossie. Forever 21+ jersey jumpsuit and a kimono jacket (an old one from primark in this case) as it's easy to get on / off and it doesn't show up the wetness if I put it on over a wet costume!

Last year I went on my first beach holiday in over 4 years, and having realised that I only owned 2 swimming costumes (one of which was too small for my boobs, the other went see through in the water!), both of which were bought when I was about 22, I realised that I'd have to get some new swimming costumes. I could not believe how expensive swimsuits were! As if I'm going to pay £30+ for something I'll hardly get any wear out of! Hell no! I found this costume on the Bon Marche website. I have to admit that it's actually a bit overly generous on the bust for me, but I thought that in itself would be reason enough to tell you about it!

They are pretty much sold out of my version of this, but it's available in other colour combos. If you're top heavy this would be a great suit for you, and at only £13 you'd be hard pushed to find suits that go up to a 24 for such good prices (believe me, I looked!).
Love the navy version, I think it has a bit of a vintage feel about it! The bottom of the costume totally covers my bottom and lady bits (nothing is popping out of this one!) and the cups have a small section of padding for support, but like I said the cups are quite generous, so great for busty types!

I'm thinking of ordering this delicious cossie to try. A snip at £18! The costumes above only go up to a size 24, but I just took a look at their 'plus size' options for size 26+ and they have some stunners that go up to a size 32!

 I love a good swim dress, and I have to say that Bon Marche's look super retro as they have good full skirts. I want one of these, I love a vintage look swimming costume! If your uncomfortable wearing a swimming costume then swim dresses are a great way to feel more confident - just work the pinup look!
 Who doesn't love polka dots?! What a cute swimming costume!
You can get the more classically shaped cossies too, but being a print freak I love this butterfly print one - and the colours are fantastic.
 Such a sexy suit... I'd have got this if they had it in my size!
 They even have bikinis for those of you who dare to bare!
Most of these are on sale so they're £15 and under!. If you need a plus size swimming costume but don't want to spend a fortune then I recommend trying Bon Marche, check out their swimwear here!

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, I just love a bargain!

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  1. You are so lucky to live near a lido! Love your cossie and must admit I am very impressed with the ones from Bon Marche must go and have a look xx