Saturday, 24 August 2013

Deco Decisions

My boss is getting married next year, and her wedding dress is a beautiful beaded deco style white gown. Ahhhh too delicious! After helping her investigate deco style shoes I've decided that I'd like to wear a flapper style dress to the wedding as I'd like to keep the theme going! Flapper & deco dresses do tend to be pricey because of the bead work, and the classic flapper dress shape is not a shape I normally wear but I think I'll try some out and see if any of them work for me. I'm actually hoping to get something from ebay to save money (and because the Simply be rise Rosalie beaded dress I really wanted is no longer available in my size!) but in case that doesn't happen, here are the deco dresses I've managed to find in a plus size....

Simply Be

Fashion world do seem to have the old plus size flapper dresses on lock down, Most of the dresses I've found have been simply be / marisota ect. This dress has such a good bodice. The beading is fabulously art deco, but the black skirt means that it's no suitable for me to wear to the wedding. Some weddings are weddings you can wear black to, but not the one I'm going to! Even my boyfriend will be in a pale grey suit!

 If this dress was available in any colours other than black I would certainly choose this for the wedding. The shape, the layers and the sleeves are so lovely, but alas... only available in black :(
 I always loved this dress, the hemline is so unusual and the beading is super deco. This is a very strong contender!

Oh wow! I saw the nude coloured version of this dress on a few bloggers last year, and thought it looked much better in real life than in the pictures. I didn't know it came in this amazing teal though! It's unusual to find this style of dress in bright colours so this really is quite special. This is now the strongest contender!


 This had a lovely deco inspired bodice, but is rather spoilt by the hanky hem I feel. Nice colour though.
 I'm super tempted by this ott Coleen Nolan flapper dress, it's navy rather than black and would look amazing with bare legs and a vintage hair do. Probably still a bit dark though... again I wish this was available in more than one colour!
Oh my god I love the beading on this.... what a perfect Art Deco pattern! Black again though, so sadly it's not the one!

Asda George

This is actually one of my favourites. The only thing that's holding me back is the drop waist style, although I think it may be worth ordering to try as I'd certainly need the size 24 & I'm worried it will sell out! This is also available in black fyi!


 For me this dress is ALL about the pattern. It's pretty perfect, and is definitely on my 'for your consideration' list!
I think this might be the coolest dress of the batch. It's really beautiful. It's go the vintage deco detailing but it's quite a modern style. The only issue I have with this is the huge section of white in the middle. I'm so sure I'll spill something on this the moment I put it on! It's a maybe, I love it, but I might destroy it!

Let me know if you have tried any of these, or if you have seen any good Deco style dresses!

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  1. Wow, those are all great. I like the first two the best.