Saturday, 10 August 2013

A big old Maybe

I was watching this dress for ages. I was so excited when the oriental prints started taking over the catwalks, and was hoping it would trickle down to the high street. Sadly there hasn't been much on offer with an oriental lilt in the plus size world, so although this is not the most exciting dress in the world I thought I'd try it while it was in the '50% off 50' offer. This is a size 24, I think a size 22 would have been too tight on my belly.
I'm just not sure what I think about this. I'm not sure if I like it or not!

Pro - The print is nice
Con - It's very short

Pro - The fabric is lovely. It's feather-light and almost feels like a rough silk.
Con - Although the fabric makes it great for hot weather the length means I'd have to wear it with leggings or trousers.

Pro - I think it's a cool dress
Con - It really isn't very flattering

Pro - It looks better with a belt
Con - The belt makes it even shorter!

Pro - I adore the colours
Con - I've got 45 million dresses and maybe the £20 would be better saved.

My main gripe though is that the neckline is a bit crap. It doesn't sit very well, which scuppers my plans for wearing it with my japanese hair sticks. It's hard to see in this picture but the seams sort of stick up rather than lying flush with my skin.

I'm in a conundrum, I feel good in this, it's comfy and cool, but I don't think I look particularly good in it..... on the other hand I sort of feel like I might love it one day. HELP!

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  1. It is more of a tunic than a dress! One thing I know Is that there is always a new dress to fall in love with, so if not thIs one then there will be another! Hopefully oriental print will be like bird print, slow to start but will be around for a while.