Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Accidental splurge

I went to Primark to get some pillows, and came out £50 worse-off! They have some great stuff in there at the moment. Sorry that some of my pics are a bit out of focus, I didn't have time to re-take them! Heres what I got...

This skirt is so lush. It's full lined with a soft chiffon-like sheer fabric over the top.

£14 for a delicious pleated maxi skirt. Yep. MINE!
The head dress is new too. Primark often have these, but they often have massive flowers so until I found this more dainty version I have resisted! ££2.50
Woo hoo! I finally found the right pop art piece! I've tried a few with words on, but it's just not me. Comics strips though? That's my kind of print! As with many of Primarks pencil skirts the size 20 is pretty generous and fits 22-24. I think any bigger than that and the print would warp and look a bit odd.
 Only £8. Excellent buy, and I'll be selling my other pop art pencil skirt as soon as I get round to it!
I'm a girl, so I loved sex in the city. One of the arguments I had with my sister was about the diamond necklace that Aleksandr Petrovsky gave Carrie in Paris. My sister thought it was rubbish but I loved it. It wasn't bling enough for her, it was too subtle. That is why I loved it, and I've been keeping an eye out for a knock off version for ages.
I came across this in Primark and thought it was horrid, but knew it had potential.
I removed all the tacky shit from the centre and hey presto, not a bad version of the new Carrie necklace! Cost me £2.50.... fairly sure the diamond version was more pricey!
I love this classic jacket shape, and I've never found one that fits my arms until today. It's stretch and has PU piping.
£13. It's called 'Aztec Waffle Jacket' on my receipt satisfyingly!
Last up I couldn't resist this £2.50 floral headband. I think the fact that the flowers are so dark is what sold it to me. For some reason I like it at an angle rather than straight on, but I'm weird like that!

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