Monday, 12 August 2013

Sales sales sales (and some!)

I accidentally ordered a shed load of new things..... here they are!

Crazy Clearance

 I thought this Arlene Phillips dress looked amazing on the site.
 In real life i'm not so impressed. I think I expected it to be a bit more brown in tone, but it's quite purple, and I really don't think this colour suits me. Also, this is a size 26! The 24 wasn't available and I thought I could get away with getting a big one as it has an elasticated waist. Errr.... how is it possible that a size 26 is this tight on me? It's really tight on the arms (no stretch) but it was tricky to close it up across my bust and the waist isn't particularly spacious. Basically the sizing is pretty rubbish!
 The other problem is the fabric. It's is smart, but really quite unconformable. It feels soft ans silky but it is insanely static - you can see that after only a few seconds it's already sticking to my bottom. Shame, this could have been a stunning dress, but nope, not on me.... going back!
 I always liked the look of this Simply Be bespoke dress, but wasn't willing to pay loads of money for it (tight-ass that I am!) so when I saw it for under £20 I thought I might as well try it! I'm wearing my own belt because I didn't want to open the belt bag until I knew if I wanted to keep it! These are not the best pictures but I do quite like this dress. It's retro looking, and I like the colours.
 The fabric is super light-weight, it feels extremely delicate. I think it will be good in this weather. It's lined, but the bottom section is really sheer.... I should be able to wear some shorts underneath without them being viewable though so it's all good! Size 24 btw, I think the 22 would have fit me, but it would have been a bit tight on the bust & arms.
 Okay yeah, this is gaping like a mofo, but it's crinkle fabric so I can sew it up without it squishing my boobs (and it'll certainly stretch out a bit). Good news because I friggin' love this dress! It's light but heavy, it's a bit crispy, it has pockets, it's a midi, I just love it and I don't know why! It's a size 22, and as you can see it's fine ever where other than the boobs - this is why I so often have to get a 24 in non-stretch stuff. My boobs aren't massive but I do have a wide back to add into the mix so fair do's!
They only have the picture of the purple version of this on the site (now sold out) but I recommend this for a girly, crunchy, summer midi!

Bon Marche

I have decided to sell a bunch of my coats, because I have way too many. I don't need a whole wardrobe full of coats (not coats and jackets, just proper coats!) so I need to replace them with one simple black one. 
 Bon Marche have these coats on sale for £35 at the moment, and it's exactly what I was looking for. Quite plain, but warm and comfy. It has a bit of swing to it, and a nice collar that will keep me happy in winter.
 Argh! My camera does not like plain black clothing, it doesn't know where to focus clearly! Anyway, I love the fabric of this coat, it's thick but soft and has a sort of mole skin look to it. It does up with one big zip, which I always prefer to buttons.
 I got this in a 24 as I wanted my arms to have a bit of room, and I wanted it to be a bit oversized. It's perfect. Really quite in love actually, and can totally imagine this with some of my winter hats! They also have this in a cream colour (only size 24 left) and I was so tempted by it. I had to remind myself that I would blatantly destroy it within about 2 minutes!

Please excuse me getting my norks out but just to put my money where my mouth is, I also got this swimsuit from a previous post I wrote about Bon Marche Swimwear. I tried it on at work during my what should I bother to take home with me' session. Sexy isn't it? I'm impressed. Amazing value for £18 I hope you agree?! Size 22 btw.

Dorothy Perkins

I thought this skirt looked so cute. I also assumed that the waist was a piece of elastic (because it's a black band I guess?!) but no. I knew it wouldn't fit the moment I realised it had a non-stretch waistband. Rather oddly it also has an underskirt which is short and fitted. Couldn't get it over my arse!
Woo hoo bomber jacket! I wanted to order this in my first DP sale haul, but was sure it wouldn't fit me. When I picked up the first parcel I saw one of these and felt the fabric... it's super thin shell WITH STRETCH! It also has generous arm space. Ahhh man I'm so happy this size 22 fits, I've wanted a little bomber for ages. No ideas what I'll wear it with yet but I'll think of something! FYI, DP have lots of different bombers like this in different prints, but this is the only one I felt that had stretch.
 Ohhhhhh yes. Yes yes YES!
 SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! Oh holly geo print trousers, you are welcome in my house, how I've missed you!
Green! I love the green! These trouser are delicious. The print is lush, the fabric is lush, the fit is lush and the length is just right. WINNERS! Get. In! Fyi, these are size 22, the fabric is thin with a bit of stretch, the waist is elasticated and the bottoms have little turn-ups on the ankle. Yep. Great pair of trousers!

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