Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Truly disappointing.

Ergh. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me moaning about Tesco's plus size range 'True' on a number of occasions. It's just so consistently drab. It's like Evans without the handful of interesting items. When I saw this dress I was drawn to it, and it stood out like a sore thumb from all the other boring items on the page.
I don't like dipped hems, but the colours and print enticed me.... when I saw the 22 on sale for £10 I thought I'd buy it. It made sense as I decided to try the jeans that Mrs BeBe reviewed here, and I could pick it all up at the same time.
Hasn't got quite the same pop in real life has it?. You might wanna tell your image editor to take a chill pill with the old contrast yeah?! I can't actually show you a picture of this on me becasue I couldn't actually get it on. it went over my head and stopped there. To be fair, if I'd know it was a lined chiffon situation with no stretch I would have wanted a 24 (sold out, so not an option) but I'm sure that wouldn't have fit either. Utter balls! No longer on the site.
I don't know what possessed me to order this top. I guess it's a nice green, and it was only £5, but it's not exactly 'me' is it?!
Yuck. Shapeless tunic tops are not for me! No longer on the site.
I got 2 sizes in these jeans, a 22 and a 24. The 24 was good on my waist, but super tight on my legs and bum. I'm wearing the 24 here. They fit my legs much better, and as you can see the waist is big enough for me to pull up over my top belly. Pretty much every time I buy a pair of jeans in a size 24 they become too big for me after a few hours wear, but BeBe kindly told me that these keep their shape well, so for £14 I think I'll give them a go. They're a good length on me, and although they're not as tight on my ankles as I'd like I think they're a good shape.
As my favourite Dorothy Perkins indigo jeans died months ago and I still haven't been able to replace them these are a welcome edition to my wardrobe.
 I totally forgot to mention this jacket from my first tesco order (I wrote the post about trousers so just forgot about it!). This is (obviously) not from the True collection, it's from the regular range. Size 22. LOVE!
I had to make the arms a bit bigger with a black panel on the seam (it's not unusual for arms to be too small for me!) but otherwise this is a pretty good fit. obviously more fitted than on the model but hey, I like it better with a more fitted look!


  1. I love the stripey jacket! I hate it when I buy dresses that don't stretch and they have a tiny waist. The dress has got to fit over something bigger than my waist first so they always get stuck. Bleh.

  2. I hate tescos sizing its so off! I have a size 22 dress from tesco that's skin tight on me and I'm an 18!