Thursday, 8 August 2013

The bottom line

The sales have thrown up some great trousers. I'm still feeling sore from the loss of my favourite geo print joggers, so I went nuts and ordered loads of trousers. Here are my reviews.

Most of my trousers (and jeans) are from Dorothy Perkins. Something about their cut often works for me. I've actually got another pair on thier way, but these are the 3 from my first sale order! All size 22.
I wasn't sure about these at first, but I'm liking them more and more. They're a bit tight but if history has taught me anything it's that these kind of trousers stretch out after just a short wear, and if they loosen up a bit I think I'll love them.
The problem with having thunder thighs is that they make stripes go wonky, but I think I can live with it! They have little turn ups at the bottom which I love.
These are a lovely lightweight (all be it slightly see-through!) material with a tiny bit of stretch to them. They'll be great in this hot weather!
Can just about get these done up but I can't sit down in them as they're too small for me. Shame, they're my favotrite of the bunch :(  

My biggest problem is that they're really tight on my calves, so they're probably not as high on the waist as they should be and are therefore super tight. Sadly they're made of a shell-like fabric that has zero give and will never stretch out, so they have to go back. WAH!
I have a pair of non-stretch leopard print trousers from DP (I was wearing them today in fact!) but when I saw this pale pair I had to try them!
They're jersey and are so comfy. They're also rather generously sized on the waist. I don't understand why jersey trousers have a much more generous cut than non-stretch trousers. It seem backwards to me?!
 The background colour is unusual, it's a sort of blueish grey. I think these will be worn lots on my casual days! They seem to be sold out of these in big sizes now, but I saw some in store when I collected my parcel.

On to ASOS curve!

See what I mean?! Jersey trousers, size 22, massive! I can't even get asos trousers done up over my belly in non-stretch fabrics, and that's after sizing up to a 24!
I'm sending these back, they're just too big on the legs, too heavy, too long and I'm not feeling them. If you're wanting a pair of harem style trousers with a decent amount of drape to them then these are for you, but I would still suggest sizing down!
Wait though.... redemtion! I have a pair of shorts for the first time in years!
These culottes are so cute and comfy. They're crying out for pockets (which they don't have sadly) but apart from that they're pretty spot on! Size 22 is accurate, and they're just long enough to deal with my chub-rub issues, but short enough to not make me look like a granny. 
 I really recommend these for frolicking in the sun!

Last but not least, Tesco clothing....

These are actually a size 20, but they looked like they'd have some stretch so I tried them anyway! They're tight but hey, sometimes I like spray-on look trousers!
I don't normally go for snakeskin print, but the colours were so unusual that I thought I'd give them a go. They only have small sizes left on the website, but may have more in store.
You won't be surprised to hear that these are not from the plus size range (true), of course not, the print and style is far to interesting! These are on sale for £7, as is the bodycon dress with the same print.

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