Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Whats out there - Ebays finest plus size vintage

Just to illustrate what I was saying about plus size vintage, I found some cool stuff on Ebay to show you guys. I'm behaving myself and not bidding on anything (it's Frugal February after all!) but check out what's on offer!

This Original size 24 Norman Linton dress is such a great colour, and has a lovely sort of bubble print. There is only 10hrs left on this and it's only £3.99. I want it... can't have it :(

Loving the print on this size 22 vintage C&A dress. £14.99.

I know that some people despise the fat girl connotations that arise when talking about the dreaded kaftan, but personally I think they're awesome. I normally nip them in at the waist with a belt, but I have to say that I love them as beach / summer wear. 70's cool in my book! This size 22-24 one is £9.99

Another lovely Kaftan in size 20-22. £11.99.

A modern version of this beaded top would cost a fortune. This vintage one is only 9.99 in size 18-20.

This £4.99 size 22 dress has a really unusual print. Another one I'd buy if I was allowed!

Another awesome Norman Linton dress - size 22, £20.

I adore yellow, and the print on this skirt and top combo is really cool. Size 22, £14.

80's revival?! In a size 26 no less, which seems pretty rare in vintage clothing. this dress is bonkers and I love it! £24.

Wanna rock the vintage peplum?! This dress is size 24-26. £14.99

This peplum dress in size 22-24 is £16.99.

Loving the geometric patterns and colour of this tennis style dress. Size 20, £12.99.

More cool patterns in this size 24 dress. £22.99.

Love love love this print! size 24 dress, £21.99. Want!

This size 18-20 dress looks pretty special to me - check out the cut of the skirt, it would swing so beautifully! £19.99.

If it looks like it has been drawn / painted by hand, I will love it. Thems my rules! This blouse is really unusual, and has capped sleeves too by the look of it. WANT IT FOR MYSELF! anyway... £9.95.

Well then, like I said in a previous post, finding cool vintage togs on ebay is easier than you think!

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