Monday, 25 February 2013

There's no business like show business!

I love this time of year - awards season. Its all about the dresses for me, and now that the Oscars have been and gone I can roll around in all the beautiful dresses! There were some massive fashion crimes committed on the red carpets this year (Jennifer Lopez) but I'm focusing on the positive, so here are my favourites!

Golden Globes.

 Really enjoyed all the high necklines and over the top bead work this year. I also became obsessed with the phrase 'that would have looked so much better if her hair was up'. That is how I feel about this dress - the neckline is so ott that the hair sort of ruins it for me. A big loose up-do would have made this even more special I think.
 Jessica can wear anything she wants, She always looks amazing.
 We had a proper debate in the office about this one. I think it's like a fairytale dress. My colleague thought it was too childish and didn't like the photographic flowers. What do you think?!
 another high neck classic dress. This just screams old school Hollywood glamour to me.
Taking my prize for the best dressed at the golden globes... Helen Mirren hands down. I want this dress for myself. It is perfection!

The Grammys.

 This is the kind of dress I would actually like to wear.
 I wish I couldn't see her pants, because it makes this lovely dress look tacky!
Much discussion was had about this dress. It's another 'should have worn the hair up' situation for me, but I love the actual dress. I agree with my colleague though that Katy might be a bit too pale and to look good in this colour. Maybe it's the back hair? What a figure she has though!

Something else I loved this awards season was all the Art Deco stylings. This dress is like a subtle little work of art!

Too cool for school. Perfect colour, simple style, and neon shoes that seem to be made from lego! I adore this!

 Woah now, love or hate?! The turban ruins this outfit for me, but without it (and with hair up.. again!) I think this dress would have been amazing - It's like something Cleopatra would have worn (or at least the Hollywood version of Cleopatra!). I'd wear this dress, I really would!
Joint 'best dressed' for me were Beyonce in this casual and fabulous jumpsuit...

... and Taylor swifts beautiful gown. Really lovely.

 National TV awards.

This was more of a horror show than a red carpet. I consider the UK to be a real fashion hub, particularly London, but you wouldn't know it to look at the red carpet at our TV awards. The only little glimmer of light came from this beautiful deco and yellow dress from heaven. The rest was like a circus!

Golden Globes.

I was really disappointed by the frocks at the golden globes this year. There was only one that I went nuts for. I quite like Gemma Artentons dress above, but there is a part of me that thinks it looks a bit cheap - almost like jersey... not that that is a bad thing I guess!

Hair up please! This dress looks like a cross between a 70's maxi and a medieval gown. I like it, but I'm not sure why. Probably biased because she plays Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones!

Winner! Classic and simple. Love love love.


I genuinely can't remember the last time I saw Nicole Kidman and thought 'Oooh, nice dress!', but this one really suits her and I would totally wear this.

I'm not sure that this dress really suits her, but I love the dress itself. Deco again!

I really like this dress, I just really don't like the colour!

More deco! Classically beautiful, and the nude colour gives it a sexy feel.

There was so much black this year, but who cares if you get to dress like a dark princess?!

More Deco, really?! I hope this trend reaches the high street because I adore Art Deco. Almost my favourite, just pipped to the post by this one....

Oh this is special! What stunner, quite unusual but looks amazing.

As my blog is about plus size fashion (which seems to be anyone over a size 16 in media land) I thought I'd put up some of the not-a-size-4 ladies frocks. Sadly I think most of them are horrid....

This sequin number is probably my favorite.

 I was so happy to see Adele in something other than a black dress! I don't like the style of the dress, but love the colours, pattern and boldness of it. I think if this has a low neckline it would have been a million times better!

I feel a bit sad that when there are so few plus sized women on the red carpet, the ones who are on there wear disappointing clothes! If some of the bloggers I follow were on the red carpet they would be rocking all kinds of madness, and would look as good as the thin girls, so surely it can be done?! When Lisa Riley went out on the red carpet in the silk Anna Scholz maxi dresses she looked stunning, I know it's a bit bright and funky for the oscars but it's nice to see a big woman in something so eye-catching don't you think?. More of that please!

Lets end on a high note. Can I just give a quick shout-out to Cate Blanchet for always trying new styles and looking not only more interesting than everyone else but normally more beautiful too. She got slagged off for the dress she wore to this years AACTA awards, but I saw it and was like YES! That dress blows my mind!

Who were your favourites?!

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  1. I have to agree with you regarding the frock choices our fellow 'big sisters' have made. There's something to like in each style but so much is also lacking. They are such beautiful Women, I just don't understand with all their money and contacts their eventual gown choices seem so ...well, disappointing. I'd love to dress Melissa McCarthy!