Friday, 22 February 2013

Dang it!

This post is for the lovely Rachel from a dress is for life.

I don't really buy clothing from Tesco, because I think their plus collection (True) is almost unbelievably boring. I often like stuff from their regular collection, but as I can't try anything in-store I wouldn't normally risk getting anything non-stretch from there if I can't get it above a size 22.

Anyway, I got very excited when I saw Danielle Vanier wearing this amazing dress at BPSFW (here). I was even more excited when I found out it was from Tesco for only £28, and the size 22 was in stock. Ordered it yesterday, got it today, tried it just now...

Available to buy here

Bummer - it's just too tight for me!
If I could size up in this then I absolutely would, because it's a great dress, but the bits where it is tight (belly, boobs & arms) makes it a bit uncomfortable for me...
.... sadly, although the description says 'thick stretch jersey', it's actually that thick stretchy polyester fabric that vintage clothing is often made of, so although it's stretchy it does not have the same kind of give that jersey does - which allows your sticky out bits to properly stick out! This fabric holds it all in, and I don't like my boobies to be so restricted. FYI this is just above the knee on me, so good length.

Gutted.... really wanted this to fit, because the prints is fabulous! On the plus side Tesco do free returns so it's only the delivery money I've lost... never mind. Maybe one day Tesco (who do seem to be genuinely interested in plus size fashion, judging from their involvement with bloggers and things like BPSFW) will start making this kind of clothing for their true collection, so plus sizes above a 20/22 can buy their cool stuff?!


  1. It's a shame :( I think it might be too tight for me also then :( xx

  2. That's too bad that you didn't like the print because it is an absolutely beautiful dress.