Thursday, 14 February 2013

From me, to you

Some lovely valentines gifts changed hands at my place tonight. I gave the little fella a monsters inc t-shirt from uniqlo (from the ut collaboration range with pixar). A uniqlo t-shirt on his (valentines day) birthday has become a tradition with us, they are the best shop for mens clothing!

My gift from him was this awesome bit of hair jewellery. A fantastic bun cage from asos. He has no idea about girl stuff so he didn't pick it himself, but he understood my 'I want this thing here -look at it here on this site that delivers free to the collect plus place round the corner - but I'm not allowed to buy it because of frugal February, I so hope it doesn't sell out' to mean 'please get me this for valentines day'. He is a sharp lad!

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