Tuesday, 9 October 2012

OOTD - Onesie / Primark haul

Well, it's more than a day really, as I've been struck down by a foul cold which is keeping me house-bound. This is not at all the first OOTD I had in mind for my new blog, but as I bought this onesie last Friday (& they are still available) I thought I'd put it up anyway!

I moved into a new and lovely flat in early Spring, and now that it's Autumn I have realised that it's going to be pretty darn cold in here during the winter months. I don't own pyjamas, and I figured that my dressing gown just wasn't going to cut it, so I set my heart of a fleece onesie. Tricky to find them in big sizes (for small prices) so I decided upon the fair isle print onesie from Simply be for £22. Look how cute it is! Also comes in leopard print but being a maniac when it comes to all things festive I chose the Fairisle. Sadly when I added it to my basket it said they were waiting for new stock and that it would take a minimum of 28 days to arrive.... but I'm sooooo coooollldddd!

Not to be discouraged I decided to visit the new Tottenham Court Road Primani after work on Friday. A much nicer store to shop in than the Marble Arch shop, still big queues for changing rooms & tills but thats Primark for you.They have loads of awesome onesies starting from £10 - even some very kitch ones with dog or cat ears. In fact, they seem to have the leopard print one above, with the pink trim. The biggest size is a 20-22, but they're stretchy and soft so I took the leapard print one to try. I also visited the mens department to get a dressing gown for my boyfriend, and saw that they had onesies there too. They had a (sort of) fairisle one with a hood, so I grabbed that and queued for the changing rooms. The ladies onesie was far too short for me. Bieng a bit above average height and having a long torso with short legs this didn't surprise me at all. Camel toe nightmare - shame because it was so cute and warm. I recommend it to shorter lasses, but it won't fit ladies above a size 22. The mens was much longer, and therefore perfect for me! I got an XL to accommodate my boobs / booty (as obviously mens aren't shaped for curves!) and its great. It's got a bit of looseness on me and would fit a size 24 easily, possibly a 26 if you don't mind it a bit fitted! Cost me £12 so I saved a tenner on the simply be one, and thank goodness I did because It's keeping me warm while I wander aimlessly around the flat feeling rough! Don't care what I look like, this OOTD is all about comfort!

Below is the dressing gown I got for my fella - I cannot even describe how amazingly soft and lush this is. It was either £12 or £15, but its so damn festive that it makes me smile every time I see him in it. It's way better than any of the dressing gowns I saw in the ladies department.
I also got some more festive super soft thick leggings while I was there. I got a caramel coloured similar version of these last winter and wore them all round Prague in the freezing cold with a denim skirt. Kept me proper toasty. These are a 20 - quite generous and fit me well, but watch out for the Christmas version of these leggings (they have amazing ones with Santa on amongst others) because they don't have much stretch so the 20 is WAY smaller.
I always come home from Primark with some kind of jewellery. I can't resist the kitsch stuff they do! I loved the little boombox brooch, and it came in a set with the lips / star brooch. The headband I love because its simply rainbow crystals.
Thats it folks! I promise my next OOTD will be more glamorous!

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