Monday, 22 October 2012

Bit of a Meh ASOS review

I thought I'd order some of the nice things from the sale that I've wanted for a while. Didn't go too well! This doesn't put me off ASOS at all because I love their Curve range, It just didn't have much luck with this particular order.....

 I really did have trouble getting a picture of this dress, so this is without the feathers attached I'm afraid. It's the peplum dress with feathers & its in the sale for £22.50 so I thought I might aswell try it. Not keen. The dress (size 22) isn't very comfortable and I'm not sure why. I think it just doesn't sit on me quite right, and the sleeves are the worst length for me -I don't go sleeveless so I like short sleeves so I can wear a cardi, or long sleeves.
 For me personally, the feathers are too far round the sides - I guess the size of the feather section is the same on all the dresses, so by the time you reach a size 22 there is a massive space between the two sides, so too much belly flopping around for my liking. There are some lovely things about this dress though....
.... the feather sections are detachable so you can wash it, which is very practical. It's also a nice length - just reaching my knees, and the fabric is soft and stretchy, a bit like ponte. All in all though it's not for me, so back it goes.
 The second thing I tried was this black jersey jumpsuit (on sale for £12.50). The first thing I thought when I took this out of the bag was 'what horrid material! It is kind of rough jersey, almost reminded me of the old cheap fruit of the loom t-shirts from my youth. But it's currently £12.50 so I could live with it. I wanted it mainly to go with my floral fringed jacket (also from ASOS) which I got a while back. I love it but can;t find anything really goes with it. The 22 of this felt way too big, this size 20 felt better, but still strangely baggy around the bum area! I was tempted to keep this anyway to wear in summer with my lovely jacket, until I looked at the pictures and realised that the top section is see-through!
Also the pockets stick out in a really strange way (on both sizes) and I couldn't get them to stay down. Shame, this could have been a great little summer outfit.

 Ah man this tropical print jumpsuit is cool! The 22 in this was too tight for me (it has no stretch at all) so this is the size 24. Its tight on my thighs and then a bit balloon-like under my belly, but I still love it...
..... bit tight on my big ass, and makes my top half look bigger than my bottom half, but I would wear a jacket with it. Ignoring the fact that it's tricky to get on and off (zip at the back) and would be a right pain during the day, I still like it, but I did the sitting down test and knew I couldn't keep it. It gets so tight under my bust and across my thighs when I sit down - I'd be lucky if the seams held, and I'd also be incredibly uncomfortable. Ah well..... better luck next time eh?!
On the plus side my tattoo print pencil dress from Queen of Holloway arrived today, and it's lush, so I'm not feeling too disappointed!

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