Friday, 19 October 2012

Forever 21 - Winter is coming!

I wear trousers much more in the winter, I can't bear to wear jeans when it's warm, particularly because I'm a tube user and it gets so hot! I loved the printed trouser trend this summer, and have some great lightweight cotton ones, but can't wear them when it's cold or I'd freeze. I've just chucked some of my jeans and jeggings out because they were falling to bits so I've been looking for some more. I've also been looking for plus size disco pants, like the ones they sell at American Apparel - I thought Forever 21+ might be a good bet so I've been browsing the site. They are smashing it with the jeans at the moment! I've ordered some to try, and if I can get into them (knowing forever 21 and their insane sizing they could be far too big or way to small - fingers crossed they will be just right!) I'll do a post reviewing them. I've ordered their biggest size (US20 - UK size 24.... apparently!) as sometimes a 22 in denim is too tight on my thighs / bum. Not sure what the shape will be like but they are all stretchy so I'm feeling positive! Here are some of the lush jeans they have at the moment....

 I love this type of jean - I already have some exactly like this from Dorothy Perkins, but they reminded me a tiny bit of the stiletto jeans from Torrid that all the American plus size bloggers are raving about, and as torrid aren't available in the UK (and these are only £19.75) I thought I'd post them!.
 They have these coloured skinnies in 12 colours and they're only £19.75. I reckon they're super stretchy as they have spandex in them!
 Hard to see in the full length pics but these have a faint lace print. Again £19.75
 'Lustrous Leopard' jeans £22.75. They also have regular leopard print jeans for under £20 in either red or blue.
 I like the leather trouser look, but I really don't want to wear actual leather on my legs all day (plus it's well expensive) nor do I want super shiny PU trousers, so these might be just the ticket! They sell pretty much the same trouser in medium weight and light weight for £19.75, and they have other colours too - I've ordered both types in black because I didn't know which would be a better fit!
 Black jeans with gold paisley print? Errrr yes please! In the bag for £22.75.
 These are actually leggings but I think they're cool - kind of look floral at first glance, but are actually 'crackled metallic'. £12.75, also come in gold.
Ah jeggings sweet jeggings! Thought I'd try them as I was ordering other stuff, and I just threw out my much loved (and worn through) H&M jeggings that I got about 3 years ago! They're only £9.75 and also come in black.

Forever 21 deliver free for baskets over £50 at the moment, and they do free returns, so I thought I'd go nuts and order lots!

In general I find forever 21+ to be very odd - their dresses tend to fit me but are often very short, their tops rarely fit me but my best t-shirts are from there. I love their jumpsuits, but I've had major issues with some of their other garments. Having said all this I've tried jeans before (in the Westfield Stratford store) and they were very soft, stretchy and nice so I thought it would be worth trying some of these out. Do any of you guys shop at forever 21+? What do you think about their clothing?

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