Saturday, 20 October 2012

OOTD - I dream of Genie!

Just a quick post! Today there are two things on my agenda - chores and Strictly come dancing! Chores first, so I'm wearing my comfy harem jumpsuit from forever 21+. I got it at the end of summer (along with 2 others) and it's great for kicking around it. I never thought I'd be a jumpsuit person, but they are an ideal way for a lazy person to dress! I have big thighs which rub together so I always have to wear something under dresses even if it's boiling hot. I wore lots of funky trousers this summer, but I found it hard to match cool tops with them because most things I own are covered in patterns, apart from a couple of jumpers!. Jumpsuits let me just chuck something on, so they're handy when it's hot, or when you just want to lounge around! Don't care if it's flattering or not, it just makes me happy! Snakeskin shoes are from Primark.
I've also snapped a few pics during my week at work, to give an idea of how I dress normally. There is no doubt in my mind that I will often choose outfits to blog about that are new / particularly glamorous or flattering, but obviously I don't dress up everyday. My work is based half the time in an office and half the time in a studio, so Sometimes I wear really smart clothes and other times I wear jeans - depends which day of the week it is!
This week I wore the following ...

Monday - My new simply be shoes print skater dress with black leggings, a cardi and some black pixi boots from Primark. I didn't take a pic becuase the dress appearded in my big post about Simply be. The girls at work loved that dress.

Tuesday - I wore my pink tile print Anna Scholz dress, which I did a huge post about.

Wednesday -
Shitty pictures coming up, taken by my shitty camera - Does give a better idea of how dark my hair is now though, because the flash on my nikon really catches the red underneath the brown! This was the morning after my night out, and I was on my feet all day so it's jeans from Dorothy Perkins, a really old top from Primark, grey cardi from Primark (I think nearly all my cardigans are from there nowadays!) and what I think of as my 'autumn' Nike hi-tops.

Thursday -
Ohhhhh I love this dress so much! It's a Ruby Rocks dress that I got from ebay - it was a simply be sample, and they ended up using the same fabric (black jersey with flamenco dancers on it) for a wrap style sleeveless dress rather than producing this one - you can see the lovely Mrs BeBe wearing the version they went with in her post here. If I hadn't bought this I would certainly have got the other version because I love the print and cut. This dress is basically the same as the lotus print one from Evans first Ruby Rocks collection (which I also have - no surprises there!) which Rachel blogged about recently here. It has the same shoulder details and skater style, but with a deep v neck, which I love! I think I have about 8 Ruby Rocks dresses, and I love them very much. As Rachel said in her post, you can often get Ruby Rocks stuff on Ebay for tiny prices. The cardi is really old - from new look I think, but the toffee coloured Chelsea boots are from Primark and I got them a couple of weeks ago for £15. They go with everything so I recommend them!

This dress is from New look inspire. It's the same cut as the swallow print pocket dress (which I also have) that all the plus size bloggers went mad for earlier in the year. These are always turning up on ebay too, but new look have a similar thing for sale at the moment here. This style of dress is ace because it goes well with any type of shoes / boots / trainers, and is very comfy. I wear my swallow print one if I'm feeling bloated because it hides my belly but still looks nice! I wore my wellies on Friday thank goodness. My legs are way too big for most wellies, so I found some lovely cheap lace printed ones in Primark a while back and just cut the tops off. worked a treat!

Thats all folks - off to put the washing on!

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