Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Forever 21 jeans - The good, the bad and the ugly!

The jeans I ordered from Forever 21+ arrived today. Not a huge success sadly! Before I go any further, I should say that I never wear short tops, and normally cover my big old belly but in order to give a decent review and show you guys how the jeans look I've stepped out of my comfort zone and worn a top that doesn't reach my second belly! All of these jeans are US size 20 / UK 24. I'll get right on with it...
First up the medium weight coated skinny jeans £22.75. Firstly these seem much lighter than the other 'lightweight' coated jeans, but who knows how they work that kind of thing out!
 Jesus these were tight. I'm not entirely surprised as coated jeans are pretty rigid. Could just about do them up but they were uncomfortable (clearly!). All my jeans are from Dorothy Perkins, and they're all a size 22. According to forever 21+, the US size 20 is a UK size 24. I'm happy to admit that sometimes in jeans and trousers I need a UK 24, normally because of my thighs, but they do tent to be a bit loose everywhere else. In forever 21+ land I guess I'd need a UK26, but as they only go up to a 24 I don't have the option to size up. Not too bothered about these as I didn't like them much anyway. Still annoying - it reminds me of H&M+, I'm lucky to get into a 26 trouser there which is friggin' ridiculous, and doesn't leave real size 26 ladies with any options at all - not much of a plus size range in my book!
They don't look as leathery in real life as they look on the site either!
 The next pair I tried were the light weight coated coloured skinny jeans £22.75. Gratuitous pant shot coming up!
 I'm really pissed about these! They really look like leather, and I really wanted them to fit! Same size as the other coated jeans, but couldn't get them over my arse let alone zip them up. Big hairy bollocks!
Could have been great. If your a size 20, get some and wear them for me!
Now the metalic paisley skinny jeans £22.75. Much greener than on the site.
 These fit much better - they're tight (as skinny jeans should be), and they're quite thin fabric so are pretty comfortable.
I sat at my computer for a minute in these and they started to loosen up a bit - good news because they were folding up a bit on the back as you can see in the pic above. I'm not keeping them though, because I just don't know what I'd wear them with. I'd have to buy loads of plain / gold or black jumpers, and I don't really like them enough to warrant that- mainly because they flatten the bottom of my bum which makes me a bit sad!
Last up are the fab denim jeggings £9.75. Straight out of the parcel and instantly I noticed that the colour isn't anywhere near as nice as in the picture.
 These are really comfy. Don't look like much in my camera with my flash, but they're just what I've been looking for. Round bum the way I like it!
I particularly like that they are small round the ankles. Some clothes manufacturers make jeggings / skinny jeans and size the ankles up in proportion to the waist, which leaves you with straight leg trousers (or wide leg in the worst of my experiences, naming no names... M&S!).
I'm keeping them. This is probably how I'll wear them this winter - I love to tuck jeans into my boots which is why I like tight ankles on them. Sorry for my white Bra!
I'll finish with a snap I took a few weeks ago of me in some of my Dorothy Perkins Jeans - great fit, size 22. Lovely!. Forever 21+, please fix-up look sharp (woo!).


  1. Thank you for this post!!!!! I'm in the US and a size larger but I wanted to see them on someone!!! By t he way, I'm envious of you smooth thighs. Mine are chunky and lumpy.

    1. You are the first person to ever describe my thighs as smooth! Thank you for the lovely comment - I started the blog because I'm always looking for reviews and often can't find anything helpful, so I wanted to help other shoppers out! xx

  2. Great Blog! Thanks so much for the information. I've order one pair myself that did not fit ....but instead of me returning them they became my weight lost goal jeans ( only because I loved them) But anywho great blog and and I'm going to check out some Dorothy Perkins Jeans because you look lovely in those doll! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nina Parker-Williams7 February 2015 at 18:29

    right, I am so confused now cos I'm a UK 18/20, depending on the manufacturer and my friend who's a UK 16 said she has to get an XL which according to the size guide is a UK 18, so would i need a US 18 for jeans then? I'm quite short too which is a bummer! think i'll just get tops and dresses from here and leave jeans to asos! haha