Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Change room post - the endless search for a good winter coat!

Selfridges has gone all Christmassy, and being a Festive loony it has made me enjoy high street shopping much more than I normally do. I decided to go down to New look to try some of their Inspire winter coats.

My very coat arrived yesterday and I was pretty sure that I didn't like it, which is why I braved Oxford street to try some others and compare.

Most of my summer coats are size 22, but in winter coats I always get size 24, as they are often to tight across my chest. 70% of the time they are also way too tight for my arms which I can't abide. This is a size 24 from the Very 'so fabulous' collection. Too tight on & under the boobs so fit was a bit odd on me.
I love the fabric, and the arms and spacious and it's really warm so I did consider keeping it but was put off by the pockets....
.... they were almost on my back! so far round the side I could only just get my hands in, and so they would be useless (no good for me as I use my pockets!) and it also means that they stick out and ruin the shape of the jacket. I've sent it back feeling a bit gutted.
In New Look I tried this rather nice padded jacket. Quite liked it - it was very comfortable. On sale on the website I believe, but not in store.
I love a good hood. Sadly this is to casual for what I'm looking for so I left it.
The less said about this coat the better. It reminded me of coats I had to wear when I was 17 and always ended up having to get them from Evans (back in the day when they were seriously unfashionable). It is fucking awful. I nearly came out in hives looking at myself in this.
Not sure about this one. It's kind of cute, but not on me. Quite tight on the bust, but arms were comfy, and I quite like the length.
Again, Loving the hood. For my body though, this jacket flares in the wrong place. It's too fitted on the bust to be a proper swing coat so it's got a slight maternity feel to it. I like a swing coat to flare from the armpits really, so I wasn't feeling this.

Well, New look Inspire was a bit of a flop but tonight I'm going to Evans to test out some of their coats. I haven't bought anything from Evans in years, and I kind of hate the fit of their clothes (ruby rocks / Beth ditto collection excluded), but the website has so many lovely coats that I thought it would be silly not to try them just because of my Evans prejudice! I'll post the results tomorrow.

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