Wednesday, 17 October 2012

OOTD - Bit of pizzaz for a night of Jazz!

Last night I went to see Becca Stevens Band, playing in Soho as part of the 'Revoice' jazz festival. The song above is not from last night, but this cover makes me giggle. I won't go into details but the band are amazing musicians, it was a great night!

I work in central London & tend to go out straight after work, so I wanted to wear something nice, but work appropriate - to be honest I can wear whatever I like to work so it's not too important, but I do like to be comfortable throughout the day, so no big heels or shaping pants is preferable!

Step in Anna Scholz ......

 I look so serious in this picture - I'm not annoyed, it was just 8.15 in the morning! This is the lovely Anna Scholz Tile print Cowl neck dress, one of her Black Label dresses - there are still a few sizes in the sale for £49 (down from £159!). It's so delicious. I'm not sure how to describe the fabric, but all I know is that it falls really nicely, and I think it's a very sexy shape.
 Its quite a summery frock and I'd normally wear it without tights & some court shoes, but I'm not going to let the cold stop me from wearing it!

 Theres lots of lovely draping going on here, so it's super comfy and creates a nice hourglass shape. Love it!, and the print is so delicious - It makes me feel very lady like and foxy.
These are some Clarks shoes from last year. They reminded me of Campers so I snapped them up - they sometimes turn up on ebay. Tights from Primark. I think they're super thick micro fibre ones. They're fluffy on the inside so really warm. The black ones fit me nicely, but the other colours don't - typical primark!.
A nice picture of my hairy face! It's more about my earrings - I try to keep jewellery simple if I'm wearing bold prints - especially if the neckline is high, and all of my lovely threader & hoop earrings come from silver shake. They don't irritate my ears, and the earrings aren't too heavy. You have to search though lots of tacky shite, but sometimes you'll find fantastic rings / earrings on this site. I think it all comes from Thailand, but shipping is really cheap. I have loads of fab jewellery from Silver Shake - a small selection illustrated below. Their collections change all the time so I'm not sure if they'll have any of these specific pieces, but they have lots of new stuff I'd like!
They sell lots of cheap crystal earrings that are very similar to the ones you'll get in Sworovski for ten times the price, so they're good for gifts too!

Ahhhhh.... puffy morning eyes! So I had bright red hair for over 5 years, and I decided recently to go back to brown, becuase covering my white hairs with bright red is becoming increasingly impossible, and i was getting a bit sick of clashing with my pink / purple clothes. It will take many dyes to get rid of the red, but I like the new colour - my girlfriends say it's autumnal! This pic is mainly about the lipstick though. Lovely bright pink....

 Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain £7.99, is my new favourite lipstick. I'm obsessed with lip colours, but I sort of hate traditional lipstick. I also hate lip gloss as it's either greasy or sticky which i find unbearable. I have a few solid red lippies, but my massive collection of lip colours are stains / ink, balms and tints. I won't give you a full list becuase it would be enough to fill an entire post by itself, but tinted balms are my everyday lippies. These Revlon ones are amazing because the colours are quite intense - anyone who has a clinique chubby stick will probably know that the colour is normally very subtle in this type of product - I have quite dark lips so I need a proper wash of colour.
I got the red ('romantic') first and loved it so went and got some more. The pink ('lovesick') is a vibrant bubblegum pink, which looks better on me now that my hair is less orange, and the orange ('rendezvous') is fairly pale on my dark lips, but is a proper orange colour (most oranges just go red on my lips or don't show up at all). The best thing about these though is that they are a great balm. I realised after a few weeks that although the colour doesn't last all day, the balm really does. My lips feel moist all day, which I don't get with other balms. I'm seriously impressed with these sticks of loveliness! So then, now a mini give away....
This is the lovely purple berry colour ('crush') that I got home and realised was a terrible colour on me! It looked less purple in the shop okay?! This keeps happening to me, I really want to be able to rock the berry coloured lipstick, but I just look like a corpse! I don't really know any ladies who wear this kind of colour, I can't sell it because it's been tested, and chucking it out seems like madness! If any of you guys would like it send me an email  (plumpparsnip at gmail dot com)with your name and address and I'll post it to you! Right, I have some apple crumble waiting for me. Night ladies! x

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