Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

 An old classic and rubber shoes to combat the constant drizzle.

Dress 22 - Per Una (Marks and Spencers)
Tights XL - Primark 100den
Brogues - J Maskrey & Swarovski Melissa's

Dress 20 - Topsy Curvy
Leggings 20 & boots - Primark

Dress 22 - Anna Scholz black label
Tights XL - Primark 100den
Shoes - Tracey Neuls

 I felt the urge to dress in all black on Thursday, which is a rare occurrence these days..... I do tend to think of it as the fat girl uniform, but in the right circumstances it can be super chic. Simply Be very kindly invited me to their Anna Scholz soiree, and I jumped at the chance because it was at her studio and I knew I'd get to see loads of exciting things and people.
Dress 24 - Asos Curve
Necklace & leggings 20 - Primark
Boots - Yours Clothing
Chatting to the lovely Anna Scholz. I believe I told her that her clothes were 'fucking beautiful'.... that's what a few glasses of prosecco and a bit of double silk will do to my brain, I swore at my favourite designer! I stand by what I said though, the new collection is stunning frankly!
 One of the dresses I tried, isn't it lovely! Well out of my price range at £420 but if you have cash to splash then this one is already available on the site here. P's I stole the pictures above from the Anna Scholz facebook page!
 I also tried on the spectacular 70's print double silk kaftan maxi dress that Amanda is wearing here.... it's very beautiful and will be coming online soon. WANT!
The other dress I was particularly taken with was this one, worn by Gemma (who very kindly gave me permission to steal the two photos above from her blog!). I have a big list of delicious items that I want from both Simply Be & Anna Scholz black / white labels now! I couldn't try the Simply Be pieces because they didn't have my size, but my favorite pieces were...
 .... This delicious dress!
 This beautiful coat!
This (twit-twoooo!) basque. More to add to my wish list! I got to meet loads of bloggers who's blogs I read, and a few bloggers that I didn't know (who's blogs have just been added to my read-list!) Thanks to the Simply Be team for inviting me, and thanks for the macaroons!

 I made an effort to wear something valentines-appropriate, but to be honest this valentines day was a cold and wet blow-out thanks to a hungover boyfriend (the danger of free booze!). I was still quite pleased with this outfit though. I had considered selling this Lovedrobe dress, but I realised that I just didn't like the big collar, so I cut it off and now I'm loving this coral beauty!
Dress 26 - Lovedrobe
Belt - From another dress from forever 21+
Leggings 20 - Primark
Shoe-boots - Asos

Dress 22 - Asos Curve
We went out for a friends birthday on Saturday night, and to be honest it didn't go very well (it started with me twisting my ankle right at the beginning of the night, ended with me hiding in a corner from a bunch of pervy men at a strip-tease pub, and saw me smashing my beautiful white cats-eye ring while smacking a glass bottle of ketchup in a restaurant in the middle), but hey, at least I got to wear this delicious dress out for the first time! I wear this one backwards because I don't like the actual neckline....not low, not high, just an odd in-between round neck that doesn't do the dress justice. Therefore, I go low! I also had to cut my hair (which I've been putting off for ages) because having a massive knot at the back of my head was becoming my regular hairstyle, and I don't carry a brush, so chop chop! Quite like this length thankfully! I feel like I've bought tons of stuff recently, so hopefully I'll have some nice posts coming up for you soon!

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