Monday, 17 February 2014

In the Cut

 My love of bright colours and OTT patterns knows no bounds, so Cut for Evans excited me beyond belief! I ordered over £200 worth to try (knowing I was not allowed to keep all of it!) and left only the two dresses (both too short for me) the leggings (not a fan of those if I'm honest) and the cardigan (I love the pattern on it, but I really don't like dipped hems!). Of course if this collection goes into the sales then I might be tempted to try them all anyway in case they look nice on me! 

I ordered everything in a size 24 FYI! I also ate a massive meal before I took these pictures, which wasn't a good move, but hey, it's not like you don't know I'm fat huh?!

First up, the piece I was most excited about; the jumpsuit! Right from the off I have to admit that I'm not mad for the fabric used for the Alice Farrow pieces. It's like the stuff the Clements Ribeiro Swan trousers were made of.... the stuff that Simply Be often use for their Anna Scholz line. It's nice and stretchy, and with this much pattern it looks fine (even though it clings to every single lump and bump you have!) but it's a bit more synthetic feeling than a regular t-shirt fabric soft jersey, and so it's a bit more sweaty! I like wearing jumpsuits when it's very hot, so I was hoping that this would be a more natural feeling jersey, but anyway......
This is pretty cute huh?! I had to get my boyfriend to zip and unzip it so I'm not sure what I'd do if he wasn't here to help, but otherwise it's a pretty nice fit. The zip goes right down to the bottom but I couldn't unzip it past the waist. The body is long enough for my long torso, but not so long that I have a material-free section on my upper thigh to cause chafing! It bites my ankles as you can see, but I quite like that in a tapered leg so it's all good! Size-wise it's what I would expect from a size 24!
I'm mulling this one over, because the cynical part of brain is telling me that not many Evans shoppers would dare to wear a jumpsuit (let alone one so in-your-face!) and that I might be able to get this for much cheaper at a later date. I'm wondering how much wear I'd get out of it.....
Next up we have the shirt and trouser combo, both the same fabric as the jumpsuit. I LOVE the colours in this, The turquoise is so bright!
The trousers are quite small and tight, they almost feel like they're the wrong size rather than bieng designed to be like that, as the waistband is WAY smaller than the other size 24 pieces. They're so short... too much like leggings. Basically this is my favourite look of the batch, but I think I'd be better in a bigger trouser 'cause I'd really prefer a looser fit in these.
The shirt though is lurrrvely! I think I'm gonna keep this one, as I'd wear it with some of my skirts for sure! All of those are quite synthetic too.... I might set off sparks!
This was my 'if I don't like the jumpsuit' outfit of choice, as they pretty much have the same pattern on. The shirt is chiffon, and it's really smooth and soft and lovely, I kept stroking it! I think this is a fairly small 24 - don't get me wrong, I often find shirts this size too small, but often thats because the sleeves are too small to get it on properly. This is tight on my bust and belly, and quite tight on the arm holes as well so I'd prefer a 26. I really like this shirt, it feels lovely on!
 As much as I like the pencil skirt and shirt combo, the skirt fabric is a problem for me here. I like a pencil skirt to feel firm so this fabric is a bit too thin and stretchy for me - I'd only ever wear it with a long top.... that's fine but because they're separates it's a bit pricey, and Ideally I like to tuck tops into my skirts. If this combo goes on sale I think I'll have to have it!
I like this shirt, but I'll plump for the long sleeved shirt over this, because I don't have ANY long sleeved shirts! The skirt is a good size by the way, nice and fitted but really stretchy.
On to the two pieces by Rebecca Partington. I'd say that the sizing on these are more acurate. I like the fit of the top, but I'd like a tighter skirt because it's knitted and will be sure to stretch out a bit. I think Rebecca's patterns are more accessible to the less out-there plus size women, so I imagine they'll sell pretty well. 
The fabric is nice and thick, relatively firm, and not at all itchy!
I like these items, but not necessarily together. I'm not entirely sure how I would wear them.... I find myself wishing for sleeves! I might try the top with a few of my existing bottoms and see if it works for me! For those of you who look for comfort, these are the ones for you!

I'm generally impressed with this collection, particularly because they have completely retained the aesthetics of the two designers styles. Nice work Evans, this is the first range I've liked from you since Beth Ditto, and I'm a right fussy bitch! Get Cut for Evans here.


  1. you look amazing in the turquoise combo

  2. That turquoise is a great colour on you and the jumpsuit is pretty sweet too. I love the knit skirt and bolero best and am hoping they'll go down in price a bit because I'm a tightwad. Overall I think this is a great collection. Yay, something to get excited over in Evans again. Finally! x x

  3. If I were you I'd keep the jumpsuit. I think it looks really nice on you. I can see it with heels or sandals in the Spring and denim jacket. I have to say I am not a huge fan of the other pieces.

  4. I think you should keep the jumpsuit as it looks awesome, that is my favourite piece of the whole collection x

  5. Don't fear ladies, the jumpsuit is on my list of things to buy eventually, but I figured I'd get more wear out of the shirt at this time of year, plus it was £10 cheaper so it seemed sensible to start with that over the jumpsuit. Keeping my fingers crossed for a sale in which I'm sure I'll buy more than I need from this collection! I so love the turquoise, I fell hard the moment I put it on!