Monday, 24 February 2014

Animal magic

Ahhhhhh..... so many delicious things to show you tonight, all of which are under £20. I often find cute things from George, but recently they've really been pushing the boat out.... sadly they still have lots of clothing that only goes up to a 20, but they often have choice pieces in size 22 & 24, but they often sell out quickly. I saw a couple of things that I wanted to try so I decided to put in a big order!

All of these pieces are size 24!
 I really like the colour and print of this dress, which is why I ordered it, but I already had suspicions that I would feel like it was a bit 'young' for me! It's hard to see in the pictures but the background of this is small checks, with the animal print over the top.
 Its super cute, but it's a bit short on me, and I'm not sure that this particular smock style suits me. I can think of many people this would look ace on though! It's stretchy and soft jersey, super comfy!
 This dress is not really my style (if it was bright colours I'd probably go for it though!), but I ordered it because my other Barbara Hulaniki dress was so popular with my readers and twitter followers when I bought it that I thought you guys might like to see this one! As I suspected, the shape of this dress is super flattering, it's such a good cut and would be fabulous for work. I'd like this on my sister!
Lovely knee length, soft stretch jersey.
 I just wanted to try this top because a) it's red & b) it's only £6!. Stretchy jersey, longer than I thought it would be as it looks quite short on the site. I can't find this on the site to give you a link, sorry!
 It deliberately has a boxy cut.
I'm not keeping this one because I'm not mad for the shape, but it's still cute!
 I'm glad I tried this top... I seem to have minimum loose fitting tops nowadays, and sometimes I just want a slouchy look. This is the same print as the dress but with a different colour on the background. Personally I would roll the sleeves up a bit, but this is how the top sits on it's own.
 You can see the batwing style of this. I think this top would easily fit size 26. It's more fitted at the bottom and super wide at the top, so also great for a big bust!
This is my kind of boxy! Again, this is a lovely comfy stretch jersey.
 I don't think I'll ever find a denim shirt that works on me, so it came as no surprise that this shirt was a bad fit! I think if it had stretch I would have been okay, but as it is the bust is far too tight.
On the plus side the fabric is quite soft and thin, and the sleeves are generous enough to fit my sumo wrestler arms!
 Ah-ha! The Barbara Hulaniki print from the dress, but in my kind of colour! This blouse is BIG! It would for sure fit a size 26!
 I hardly have any tops this length nowadays, but I think it's handy to have a tunic-length top around for wearing with tight trousers.... I like a big and loose top matched with skin-tight bottoms... might wear this with my wet-look joggers!
 This really has that retro biba feel to it, and I love it! Plus it has massive sleeves which ALWAYS makes me happy! It's non-stretch sheer fabric and I think it will be quite versatile...
.... with skirts for example.... workin' nine to five!
 Now we move on to the reasons I made this order in the first place.... amazing shirts! I am SO HAPPY that these fit me! They fit my arms, boobs and belly (although I will blatantly pin the bust to stop gaping when I'm flinging my arms around!). This is non-stretch lightweight fabric and falls really nicely.
Lovely cheetah print in multi colour on a black background. Love this. The only down side is that one of the buttons has already fallen off, which is a tad ridiculous before I've even worn it out, but it was cheap so I'll just sew it back on and now worry too much!
 'You went and saved the best for laaaaasssstttt'! Oh my lord I love this shirt. This is the item that spurred on my order when I saw it on the site. Oh the joy of a (almost neon) acid lemon coloured leopard print shirt in a size 24! This is the same cut and fabric as the one above, so non-stretch.
I think I'm properly in love with this one.... too cool for school!

I hope you keep this up George, I'm loving your more fashion-forward styles.... my only request is that you go up to size 24 as standard throughout your ranges that currently stop at a 20, and maybe even one day, expand your size range to include 26+?. Pretty please!

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