Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Get on my feet

I've gone totally over the top with the old shoes & boots recently! The surprising thing is that most of them are from places I wouldn't have thought would do good footwear, or places that I normally don't fit, but anyhow, here they all are!
First up, I wanted a black version of my little tan shoe boots, and I've been keeping my eyes peeled. I was chuffed to find these in the asos sale. I ordered the size 8 because I find the sizing of Asos shoes to be insanely small and narrow, so my 6.5 wide feet tend not to fit them.
These are quite a good fit as it goes, and they look lovely on! They're faux leather but feel sturdy enough to last, the only thing I'm keen on is how high up on my heel the back comes up, it rubs.... not too badly, but enough to be a bit annoying! I didn't get blisters, just a bit or soreness! The soles are really quite comfy though, so that's a bonus!
I've been looking at these shoes for ages. I thought they looked like a sensible heel for me (i.e, not very high and quite sturdy!) so again, I ordered the size 8, and I kinda love them. 
I am sure they will hurt my feet because all shoes that cut across the foot liek these rub my freaky wide feet like crazy, but I wanted them, so I kept them (not sensible!).
 On to Yours Clothings boots! I have to admit to being quite impressed with what I got. These cute little boots were £8, and they've come at a good time since my black boots from Primark have split up with their soles! Totally synthetic so won't last forever, but they feel quite sturdy.
These are wide fit, size 7 (my normal size in boots) and they're pretty comfy. Quite tight on the ankle, but that keeps them in place so it's all good!
These cowboy boots were a surprise to me, mainly because there is some room on my calf! Don't think that's ever happened before with tall boots! These are the XXL width. Before I go any further, for those of you who don't remember my previous post on boots (here) my calf measurements are over 21 inches, and I can pretty much only get tall boots that fit me from Simply Be... most Evans boots don't fit my enormous legs, so these are exciting!
Pro's - Great thick real leather for £20 is a mega bargain, the colour is lovely and the calf is generous. Cons - no grips on the sole so I had to take some scissors to them to scratch them up before I wore them home (would have broken my neck otherwise!) and although these are supposed to be EEE fit they still seem quite narrow. I'm okay in the size 7 but my left foot (my bigger-than-the-other-one foot!) is noticeably more pinched than the right. they're also quite slippery inside, so I will have to put a liner in there - I do that with nearly all my boots anyway to make them more comfy!
Guys I cannot tell you how chuffed I am with these boots..... they are real leather, tall and they only cost £31.20! This is the XXL calf size, and they fit me like a glove!
They're quite tight on the legs, but in a good way that means they shouldn't slip down all the time and will be comfortable to walk in... the soles are better on these and have a bit of grip, plus the elastic at the back make them rather comfy. These are a size 7 and fit me well, but again, they don't feel like an EEE fit in terms of width..... maybe its just the shape of the shoe? Anyway, I'm really happy with these and that's great news because they have a similar pair in black, which finally gives me an alternative to the Simply Be black boots I've wanted, which are faux leather and never in stock! Fingers crossed for a sale on those one day!
I was very naughty and am still feeling rather guilty about buying these Tracey Neuls shoes. Not because I don't like them, but spending £100 on a pair of shoes is not like me at all! I got over excited, but hey, I do love them!
 Finally, this is the dress I nabbed in the 99p sale from Yours. It's definitely too short for me to wear as dress (and too tight on the belly!) but it's still kind of cute.
I think I will use it as a top under some of my skirts!


  1. the yours knee high leather boots similar to what you have there in the extra curvy or whatever are pretty wide you may want to try them

  2. Great shoes haul!

    I have also ordered the cowboy boots but in black. I hope they'll fit as it's been a dream of mine to have cowboy boots! lol

    1. I used to live in vintage cowboy boots, they go with everything! Actually the best pair I ever had were a ranch house pair, real leather soles so they moulded to me feet and were SO comfy, I wore them almost every day for years! If you don't get on with the pair from yours I recommend Style 10539 (pointed toes version) from Ranch house!, actually I'm tempted to get another pair now that I've seen Style 10551!