Thursday, 12 February 2015

A song for Parsnip, episode 2 - Love

Following on from my Last music post I thought I'd theme this one for Valentines Day. I don't make a fuss about Valentines because it's my boyfriends birthday, but I love him very much so songs about love feel appropriate. These are songs about full-on love... not unrequited love or heartbreak, and I think it's tricky to find songs like this. Most 'love songs' are pretty melancholy (which is awesome) but for me, because I'm in a relationship where the love is mutual I appreciate songs that celebrate love rather than mourning it. This edition is therefore about requited love, but it will quickly be followed by one about my favourite tear-jerkers!

"You and I are lovers, and night time folds around our bed
In peace we sleep entwined, and your love flows through me
Though an ocean soothes my head, I burn for you"

As I mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend is a musician.... I think that's one of the reasons that we sometimes speak to each-other through music and lyrics. Some people think that sort of thing is tacky and embarrassing, but it's an emotional language that we both understand, and it's my version of romance! He once sent me the lyrics of this song by Sting late at night, and I was just so full of love for him when I read them. I Burn for you is such a lovely song. He loves the live version of the original arrangement, but I adore this version from Symphonicities.

"When you're on the outside baby and you can't get in
I will show you, you're so much better than you know
When you're lost and you're alone, and you can't get back again
I will find you darling, and I'll bring you home"

So now we have a song that really resonates with me. I'm so lucky to not have any struggles with my mental health, but when you fall in love with someone who does you have to learn how to deal with it, and to me By Your Side by Sade is a perfect example of someone who is not only offering love, but also support and kindness to someone who needs it. 

"I don't wanna bore you with it, ooh but I love you I love you I love you!"

Stevie Wonder is the king of love mutual-love songs! I could add tons... You and I / Love having you around / I love every little thing about you / I was made to love her / Joy inside my tears.... the list is endless, but I'll stick to just a couple of my favourites! If me and my boyfriend had a song the way some cheesy couples do, then it would be this one - Knocks me off my feet.

"You are the flame in my heart
You light my way in the dark
You are the ultimate star
You lift me up from above
Your unconditional love
Takes me to paradise"

I entirely love this song, I love Lenny Kravitz. It doesn't take much explanation... I belong to you is the name after all, but I think it's adaptable - It could be about a partner or a child, because it's nothing to do with sex, just unconditional love!

"I never knew what love was all about until I met you"

I had to put some swing in here. Tony Bennett has written so many great tunes, but I have to choose Sarah Vaughn singing Until I met you with Count Basie because it's awesome!

Who would've known that a boy like him, would have entered me lightly, restoring my blisses?
Who would have known that a boy like him, after sharing my core, would stay going nowhere?

You know I'm going to have Bjork in every playlist right?! Cocoon is such a pretty and gentle song about love. If you occasionally like to have very romantic love-making sessions then may I recommend the album this song is from called Vespertine!

"Turn me inside out, make my heart speak
Don't want no one else, you are all I need
Personality in everything you do 
Makes me love everything 'bout you"

One in a Million by Aaliyah is a great all-rounder because it's got good loved up lyrics but it's written & produced by Missy Elliott and Timberland so it's got nice booming base and a cool groove. too

"I'll be there when your hair turn grey"

I find it hard to explain why Sea Sick Steve's Under a blue and cloudless sky makes me so emotional, but it's to do with his simple expression of love. It's such unpretentious romance that you know it's deeply felt by the man who wrote and sings it. I just get it, and it's gets me!

"I hope you know I'd gladly go anywhere you take me
It's so amazing to be loved
I'd follow you to the moon in the sky above"

Luther Vandross had the most creamy voice of all time, and So amazing is a straight laced and non-complicated love song about someone who he adores. It's so cheesy that it's almost ridiculous, but it's still lush. It also includes some of the silliest lyrics ever (Bye bye sadness, hello mellow) which I find endlessly hilarious!

"Stripped of all makeup, no need for fancy clothes
No cover-ups, push-ups, with him I don't have to put on a show"

This is a little snifter of my RnB loving youth. I wasn't too fussed about Christina Aguillera but I thought her Stripped album had some good songs on it and Loving me for me is my favourite. I stand by this song even though it already sounds pretty dated, because I think the lyrics are good even if it is a bit cheesy. It's about someone loving you for who you are on the inside. Make your own minds up!

"He Gives me everything, and tenderly
The kiss my lover brings, he brings to me
And I love him, and I love him"

I was going to put this song in my favourite covers playlist, but I decided to keep it for this one because it's such a lovely love song. This is a delicious song originally by the Beatles (And I love her), and changed up by Esther Phillips. I love most versions of And I love him, but the Shirley Horn version one is so smooth and seductive that it takes the crown!

"I'll be loving you always
Until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky. Always
Until the ocean covers every mountain high. Always
Until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea. Always
Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream"

Nobody has ever written a song with such an emphatic declaration of love as Stevie did with As. For such a bouncy and joyous song to be so emotionally stirring is kind of unusual. If I could put the deep well of love I feel for my boyfriend into words then it would sound something like this.... in earnest. This song is a total masterpiece and is therefore a good way to finish this post!

Come back soon for the Heartbreak edition!.

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